Countdown to Cadvent


One of my favourite times of the BlogClan year is nearly here!

It BlogClan’s first Cadvent on our new blog!

If you’re new to BlogClan and wondering what Cadvent is, it’s BlogClan’s Cat Advent Calendar. Every year we celebrate each day leading up to the Holidays with a new seasonal picture of a cat, each one suggested by a member of BlogClan. To browse previous Cadvent pictures, click here.

It’s time for me to start collecting your suggestions for fabulous Christmassy/snowy/seasonal cat pictures.

Please use the form below to send in your links.

This is our 7th Cadvent, so you’re going to have to google deep to find original pictures. I think a useful rule of thumb to remember is that any christmassy cat you find on the first 2 pages of a google search will probably have already been used in previous years.

I know that BlogClan excel at originality, so I’m looking forward to some cat pictures I have never seen before.

bfca9fd56d96ab00c4bdb24a9a1a25b1And, if you have a picture of your own pet looking Christmassy, or some Christmassy fan art, I’d love to add it to our Cadvent Calendar. Send it to me via email by clicking this link.


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