Dawn of the Clans Jumbo Article! (part 2) by Kindheart (Contains Spoilers)

9780062410078Hello blogclan I’m back! If you have no clue what this is go back to part one I can’t waste time explaining let’s begin!
Today we are going to look through some more characters and see how they contributed! Also we will look over the next piece of the puzzle! So lets go 🙂
He was rejected by his father after his mother died after that scene we all had an immediate connection even though you guys didn’t know it! The erins tricked us! (yes I mean you kate! *glares*) by doing this to the poor kit we immediately felt sorry for it and where on it’s side. Even if you didn’t know it your subconscious did. After this we see thunder grow and mature we hope for him and when we see that his father wants him to come with him we are so happy! And then that happiness is crushed (*glares* stop ruining our dreams kate!) poor thunder can’t believe that this cruel cat is his father. We all feel sorry for him and finally we relax and smile at the fact that he got a loyal band of cats plus a mate! (okay Kate I forgive you!) all this helps us follow the series and connects us to another character! We only ever really connect with 3-5 characters which is surprisingly smart! If we only connected with 2 characters it wouldn’t have been too good cause then we would only focus on those two and some people would see it as a firestar thing… but by letting us connect with like 5 characters it gives people more of a choice so it’s pretty much spread out! But if they did to many it would be to many emotions and would cause a blogclan civil war of which character is better… (Bam* hah take that! Fire the cupcakes! And let loose the gingerbread troops!) so really the erins have been messing with our brains all along! (I’m on to your plan Kate!) even so I can’t go over all the characters so I’m just doing clear sky, gray wing, and thunder. I might do jagged peak we’ll see. Moving on we go into another layer of this intricate series. All of the books have a theme. By that I mean in each book something happens to one character normally clear sky, gray wing or thunder, or all three of them. Because of this we want to see what happens next. So next article we will look over book 1! Sorry for the suspense xD so uh Until the next article Cyo! 😉
P.S I do not mean any disrespect to you Kate if you read this!

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