The Tribe: The Complete History and Encyclopaedia by Gigglepaw

tribe-of-rushing-water_5629418Hey, Giggle here with another article.I warn you,it will be long,so sit back and enjoy.

The Tribe of Rushing Water is a mountain group living in a cave.But how much about the Tribe do you know?After analysing (cough cough stalking Tribe pages on Warriors wiki cough cough) the Tribe’s history,I’ve found some interesting ideas.

The beginning:

The Tribe didn’t always live in the mountains.According to Stoneteller in The Sun Trail,there was a lake that was the former home of the Tribe.In the New Prophecy,Leafpool discovers the Moonpool,which is surrounded by rocks.These rocks are worn with the pawsteps of many cats…

An Ancient Stoneteller from long ago,maybe?

The Tribe eventually split into two groups,those who lived in hhe mountains and those who followed the Sun Trail.

The Sun Trail cats are the base of the entire Dawn of the Clans arc,but they are not the original forest cats.Those were the rogues.Eventually the rogues and former Tribe cats became the Clans,and knowledge of the Tribe was forgotten entirely.

Then the Clan cats went on the Journey to Sun-drown-place,and on the way home they met the Tribe.Everyone knows the poor story of Feathertail,who died to save the Tribe from destruction.

On the Great Journey the Clans and the Tribe meet again,and Stormfur decides to stay with Brook Where Small Fish Swim.Many moons after the Clans reach their new home,Brook and Stormfur arrive,looking to rejoin RiverClan.

At first they are welcomed,but Hawkfrost convinces the Clan to force them out.So,the two cats go to ThunderClan for shelter,and there they settle.

So,in all,the cats were meant to live at the lake after all.First the ancients,then they migrated to the mountains,and the forest,and back to the lake.Who says cats don’t like water?

The Tribe counts seasons differently than the Clans,but there is no confirmed seasons other than spring,known as “Freed-water,”reffering to the waterfall freed from ice,and winter,known as “Frozen-water,”reffering to the frozen waterfall.And the ancients lived far from the water-fall.Did they use the same seasons as the Clans?

So,that’s the story of the Tribe,complete and simple.Nothing irrelevant was added,so yes there are details that I missed,but this is,in general,the complete Tribe history and encyclopedia.
By Gigglepaw

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  • You forgot to say that the ancient cats version of Warriors was Sharpclaws and how they became sharpclaws. They became sharpclaw by going into the tunnel to meet Rock and finding a way out. If you remember Fallen Leaves you know what happens to some cats. They sometimes don’t come back out because usually they drown from the tunnels flooding. Rock marked on a stick(but I think it was a plank.) which cats came out and which cats didn’t. This idea for the Warriors was reused to mark which cats died in the dark forest attack. Also it does seem like they came full circle. Lake, Mountains, The forest and then back to the lake again. But then again my info here is about the Ancients so I guess this doesn’t go with the subject. Oh well 😜

  • Great article! This is chock-full of information about the Tribe! I wish you had mentioned the Ancients, but I guess they have enough information for an article of their own 😛

  • Did you know (I didn’t until I watched Warrior fact videos) that Tribe cats according to the Erins they have a Welshman accent?

    • If you were talking to me, one of the Erins always imagined that ShadowClan cats have an accent that sounds like Alan Rickman (Snape)

    • Kind of makes sense because Warriors should technically have a British accent cause of where they are at.
      And the Welsh are in the mountains (I think)

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