Dawn of the clans jumbo article (part 3) by Kindheart (Contains spoilers)

9780062410078Hello blogclan! If you haven’t read part 1 and 2 get OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! Now then here we go 🙂 in this article we will look over book 1 the Sun Trail! And more…

The Sun Trail
This book basically introduces us to the series however it also does something else. It gets us familiar with the characters and sets up the scene for all the other books and the gray wings argument defending clear sky! So really this book is kind of like the intro…

Thunder Rising
This book we see Thunder also we see how lucky clear sky is with the ladys! Moving on… we also begin to seed the conflict it’s also as I explained in part 2 the part where we connect with thunder (I know you did it Kate!) mpst importantly in this book we see how clear sky is beginning to change. This book gives us a reason and an explanation! If they didn’t include the fact that we saw clear sky change. We might have hated him so much by book 3 that most of us might have refused to believe that he did all of it out of fear 🙁 because of this book we connected with yet another character. Also it was an amazing book that introduced more characters and helped the plot thicken. If we didn’t know about Bumble we might never have seen the significance about the fact that clear sky might have killed bumble… so in many ways this book is the bridge. It is the bridge between the intro and the rest of the pack. And that’s another reason why this series might mean more to some people. Because of how carefully each book was planned.
That is all I have time for in part 3 in part four we will look at book 3-5 and some more stuff… soo until the next article Cyo ! 😉
P.S again Kate no disrespect meant! K? thanks love your books bye!
P.P.S shout out to all my fans and readers I love ya’ll! Your beautiful people 🙂

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