Should Thistleclaw be in the Dark Forest? by Cindertail

thistleclaw___snowfur_by_agoraphobic_blue-d5ej7nyCindertail will discuss if Thistleclaw should be in the Dark Forest or not..

Hi everyone! This is Cindertail here with a article about Thistleclaw!
In Bluestar’s Prophecy, he was first seen as a young kit and Bluekit states that, she does not like him because of, Thistlekit’s personality.
He then falls in love with Snowpaw and of course, Bluepaw is angry. Goosefeather’s prophecy, Sharp like Thorns, means that Thistleclaw will influence Whitekit into a aggressive, battle-hungry warrior. Alot of people argue that, Thistleclaw had not influenced Tigerpaw into a blood-thirsty leader.
I disagree. BUT I think Thistleclaw influenced Tigerpaw’s personality. If you read ‘Bluestar’s Prophecy’ and ‘Into the Wild’
You will notice they have SIMILAR personalities. One of the Erins revealed that Thistleclaw went to StarClan and Bluestar chased him out.
In Crookedstar’s Promise, however, we first see him training in the Dark Forest with Shredtail, when Crookedjaw was looking for Mapleshade. Sometime later, When Mapleshade introduced Crookedjaw to Thistleclaw and his Dark Forest mentor, Silverhawk, Thistleclaw offers Crookedstar for him to teach him (Crookedjaw) the ‘killing bite’. Crookedjaw refuses
and Thistleclaw spills the beans that, Crookedjaw is in the Dark Forest. To me, Thistleclaw wanted to be there but only wished Snowfur and Whitestorm is with him. BUT if you have a different thought, that’s fine!

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  • I wrote an article on the exact same thing (although points differ slightly), so I won’t give away too much of that so it’s a surprise when/if it gets moderated! But I will make a few brief comments.

    Although I agree that Thistleclaw influenced Tigerclaw, I don’t think he is entirely to blame for how Tigerclaw ended up. In Tigerclaw’s Fury we learn that he has a voice inside his head who is in fact Mapleshade. We get the impression she’s been whispering in his ear for a long time – perhaps since he was a tiny kit. We all know how influential and manipulative she can be *thinks back to Crookedstar’s Promise*. Tigerclaw also suffered a difficult kithood: his siblings died and his father essentially abandoned him. Difficult kithoods/childhoods do tend to bring out the worse in some later on in life, especially if they’re naturally inclined that way anyway, eg Tigerkit claimed he was “‘always the strongest” of his litter and according to Featherwhisker was “already acting like a little leader” when he was a kit. What I’m trying to say is, it seems he was always pretty ambitious from the start but perhaps multiple influences like a difficult kithood, Mapleshade and Thistleclaw, all came together to make him the murderous cat he eventually became.

  • i agree with most of these but vicky stated that bluestar never chased thistleclaw out of starclan because he was never there in the firts place!

    great artcile though

  • I think Thistleclaw was ambitious and bloodthirsty, he had always been in the Dark Forest and he deserves to be there! The only time he wasn’t acting like a complete crap head was when Snowfur was around, he was even trying to teach Whitekit (Whitestorm) battle moves that were too advanced for him.