Mossfluff Defends Ashfur – Yeah, I’m Going There! by Mossfluff

qnr30p“My question for the day is why? Why? Why?”

Note: May Contian *SPOILERS!* for Warriors – A Dangerous Path +
Hi, guys! It’s Mossfluff here and this is my first Warriors Article and I’m making a big jump on it. After you read the title you probably know what this is about and you are probably growing at the mention of one of Warrior’s most hated cats. My question for the day is why? Why? Why? Why is Ashfur hated by most of the fans, bloggers and cats who nestle around the lake? I’ll do my best to help you find out – here goes…

Let’s start with Ashfur’s (back then Ashpaw) early life.
Bluestar asks Fireheart/star to choose mentors for Fernpaw/cloud and Ashpaw/fur. He chooses Darkstripe *yuck!* for Fern and Dustpelt for Ash. Back then, Dustpelt was resentful and still grumpy so some feelings could have been passed down, there. Not to mention that Ashpaw/fur’s mentor had eyes for Fernpaw, culminating in him spending more time with her than poor Ashpaw/fur. Next! His mother, Brindleface, was cruelly murdured by Tigerstar to give the dog pack a taste for cat blood! Clearly that would put some emotional trauma into a young cat’s life. Then, out of grief and rage, Ashfur/paw and Ferncloud/paw raced the dog pack part of the way to the gorge. Imagine what it would be like to have the beasts that were supposed to eat your mother’s body chasing on your tail! Scary! Emotional trauma! Mental scars! I mean seriously!

Now onto warrior Ashfur.
When Ashfur is a young warriot, he becomes good friends with the newly warrior-ified Brambleclaw. After Brambleclaw’s warrior vigil, Ashfur tells him that his vigil is over, then leads Brambleclaw back toward the warriors’ den, and offers to help him find a place to sleep. So looks as if Ashfur and Brambleclaw are developing a close friendship, eh? Let’s see were that goes… Pretty much nowhere, except for the fact that Squirrleflight leaves Ashfur for Brambleclaw, several books forward, but Squirrleflight isn’t born yet, sooooooo let’s not hop into that drama yet (we will hop into it, though *laughs evilly*). Let’s now zoom into the New Prophecy Arc, to Midnight. Ashfur goes out on patrol with Brambleclaw and Thornclaw. The patrol is told to check Snakerocks. Squirrelpaw/flight is caught following the patrol, and after a bit of scolding, is ordered home. Ashfur points out that she’ll be in trouble if Dustpelt goes looking for her. Angry and upset, Squirrelpaw begs Thornclaw to let her join them, and he eventually gives in. Hmmmmm? Could that defending Squirrleflight be the beginning of Ashfur’s love for her? I dunno? Hmmmmmm…


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  • In my opinion, Ashfur is hated because he tried to murder three incent cats. You didn’t really mention that in here and I think it would have been good to. I don’t like the squirrel and Ash ship but this article was cool.

  • He was fine until the drama. Nothing can justify what he did; it was attempted murder for an incredibly petty reason. I enjoy him as a character even as a villain though, because even though he overreacted far too much, it’s still fun to explore his character and the reasons behind what he did.

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