Crowfeather’s Real Loyalties by Shadowpaw

crowfeather_and_leafpool_by_xswiftbreezex-d5bjyzh“I’m starting to wonder if he got over Leafpool and loved Nightcloud instead”

Okay, Shadowpaw here! This article contains spoilers from the books Twilight and up. This is my first article, so I wanted to make it something easy! Hope you enjoy! 🙂
So, first of all, Crowfeather is one of my favorite cats, but one thing that bugs me is all the she-cats he’s loved. Nightcloud, Feathertail and Leafpool. Feathertail’s death was sort of his fault, so he took it pretty harshly. And then he ran off with Leafpool. When he came back, he took Nightcloud as his mate, not particularly because he actually loved her (I think), but because he wanted to show that his loyalties were now to WindClan.
The thing I’m uncertain of is….does he actually still love Leafpool? Does he love Nightcloud?? Now, he defended Nightcloud at the Gathering when Hollyleaf reveals the secret of her true parents (Crowfeather and Leafpool). Then he also defended her when Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze went to WindClan to meet their true father. But that is still pretty shaky.
Crowfeather might have defended Nightcloud because he wanted to show that Nightcloud was his only love, since Nightcloud was pretty hostile when it came to him loving Leafpool, and since he was at the Gathering, and Onestar and his Clanmates were there. Also because he was probably still shocked that Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather were his kits as well. But still, now I’m starting to wonder if he got over Leafpool and loved Nightcloud instead.
I do know Leafpool still loves him. She always will, because that’s just how it is. I feel like I remember somewhere in Power of Three, or the end of the New Prophecy Leafpool looks and sees Crowfeather and Nightcloud together, and feels jealous. Also, in Leafpool’s Wish, she still misses her former mate. So, even after writing this article, I really don’t know what I believe. So could you BlogClan Clanmates tell your opinions in the comments below!! Also, I may not be able to answer the comments daily because I’m on school.
But still, feel free to chat away on here! Thank you for reading, and I hoped you enjoyed my first article!! Shadowpaw….signing out!!!!! P.S. The art is not mine.


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  • I think Crowfeather has some respect for Nightcloud, but I don’t think he loves her. I think that by now he will have finally got over Leafpool, even if she hasn’t. I was never really a fan of Crowfeather, but I think he cares for the three. The moment that made me mostly forgive Crowfeather was after Hollyleaf’s death. He went to mourn his daughter that he barely knew, even though she had revealed the secret that he was her father and as a result, made his life even worse. Perhaps he regrets what he did to Breezepelt, but knows that it’s too late to go back and won’t attempt to make it up to his son. He protected Lionblaze over Breeze, which could mean he is too ashamed of how his kits were raised and attempted to try and do something to show he cared for Lion, even though he didn’t raise him.

    Nice article 🙂

  • I think that maybe Breezepelt and Heathertail could become mates and MAYBE Breezepelt finally WILL have a chance at happiness. He isn’t dead yet so that must mean something.

    I think Crowfeather is a good cat and maybe he just made a huge mistake. First Feathertail died, then he took Leafpool as his mate, then he took Nightcloud as his mate to prove his loyalty. He probably just shouldn’t have taken Nightcloud as his mate in the first place but he did anyway.

    Nightcloud though probably should’ve talked with Crowfeather about her feelings instead of being so negative around Breezepelt.
    In the last book of Seekers, Yakone was acting like he didn’t like Kallik anymore. Kallik thought he was just acting stupid because he had lost two toes in a trap. But instead of being so negative about it, she finally just decided to ASK Yakone what was wrong. She found out he wasn’t acting like that because of his missing toes. He was acting like that because he wanted to make Kallik happy, and didn’t know if she would like to go home with him far away from her friends. She told him that she would because she just wanted to be happy with him.
    So I think that something similar to this could have happened with Crowfeather and Nightcloud, it probably just wouldn’t end as happily since Crowfeather didn’t really love Nightcloud that much. But they probably could’ve worked something out, and understood each other’s feelings.

    • I think it’s already confirmed that Breezepelt and Heathertail are mates (can’t remember where I read it, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read it somewhere)…
      (Can someone confirm this?)

  • I don’t really think Crowfeather is in love with anyone. I mean, he used to, but he was young when he was in love with Feathertail and still kind of young with Leafpool. And of course Nightcloud is just there to prove loyalties. So I think no cat is really right for Crowfeather- yet!

  • I kinda feel bad for crowfeather because he lost leafpool and Feathertail, at the gathering when HOLLYLEAF HAD to spill the secret he only protested nightcloud because he still wanted to prove his loyalty he probably didn’t love nightcloud because he still had feelzings for leafpool b7t he didn’t want to admit it because every time they see each other leafpool is out collecting herbs and crowfeather is on a patrol and his clan mates and sometimes nightcloud is there so it would be wrong it admit that he loves leafpool infrount of his clan mates and his so called “mate”. So he still has feelings for leafpool but doesn’t show it.

    • If don’t understand why breezepelt isn’t kicked out of the clans yet because he attack jay feather at the moon pool and while poppy frost was there. HES EVIL he was with the dark forest and I know he fought against them at the end but I mean CMON he should be punished at least a little and I feel bad for crow feather and I don’t but all y’all crowxleaf HATERS there kits actually had a pourpose and if they weren’t born wut would happene to the prophecy THE CLANS WOULD HAVE DIED!!! And I still don’t like them as a couple tho.

  • Oh my…I remember writing this….I was Shadowdapple back then 😮 Ewww it’s so grosss XD

  • So Crowfeather does have respect for Nightcloud, but they didn’t love each other. Crowfeather only took her as a mate to prove his loyalty to WindClan. He also ignored Breezepelt which made him prickly and angry. Nightcloud and Crowy did make up later on, and his relationship with his true son did in fact get better.

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