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imageToday I’m going to be talking about Jessy. Spoilers ahead for Bramblestar’s Storm!

Spoilers ahead for Bramblestar’s Storm as well as the first two books in the A Vision of Shadows arc! Proceed with caution!

Today I’m going to be talking about Jessy — one of the three kittypets who stays with Thunderclan during Bramblestar’s Storm. Unlike Frankie who started off as a timid cat who matured into the role of apprentice (and later warrior) or Minty who ended up deciding to go back to her twolegs Jessy starts off with skills that — once honed — would’ve made her a fine warrior in her own right. However once the flood waters go down Jessy decides to leave Thunderclan on somewhat ambiguous terms. She’s unsure if she’ll go back to her twolegs and considers that the life of a kittypet might be too tame for her now.

So is this the last we’ll ever see of Jessy? I certainly don’t think so. In fact I believe that we’ll see her when Skyclan returns to live with the other clans. This however rides on the theory that Skyclan either has Skyclan heritage or will join them when they return regardless.

Now, the possibility of Jessy having Skyclan heritage is hinted at subtly throughout Bramblestar’s Storm. Her climbing/jumping abilities are mentioned in a book where Skyclan and their own climbing/jumping abilities are also mentioned intermittently. This could just be a coincidence, but I wouldn’t put it past the Erins to drop subtle foreshadowing and hints like that into the novel. Personally I’m doubting that Jessy has any immediate SkyClan relatives but it is likely that down the line she had SkyClan ancestors. After all Jessy says she learned her climbing skills from her mother who could have learned them from her parents and them from their parents and so on. It’s also noted how well she integrates into clan life and noted how fine of a warrior she would’ve made one day. Could having warrior ancestors have influenced this?

Now on the flipside of that we’ve had plenty of kittypets with no warrior blood integrate seamlessly into clan life. Firestar of course is the first cat that comes to mind as he was the first primary protagonist of the warriors books. He proved that even a kittypet with no warrior blood could rise through the ranks to become a leader. We also have Frankie in this very book who goes on to become Stormcloud! The theme of “you can’t help where you’re born” comes up somewhat frequently in Bramblestar’s Storm. Jessy is quick to remind the other cats that she is a kittypet who is capable of all these things clan cats are. Having her have Skyclan blood all along feels like it would somewhat undermine that theme. That said just because she doesn’t have Skyclan blood doesn’t mean she can’t join them. She fit in nearly seamlessly to clan life — it wouldn’t be too hard to join Skyclan would it? Skyclan, especially now that they’ve been broken up once more, would probably be glad to have new potential warriors with them when they likely rejoin the other clans — it wouldn’t matter whether they had Skyclan blood or not.

So the basic theory here is that Jessy, whether she has Skyclan blood or not, will likely join Skyclan at some point — likely when they join the other clans as hinted in Thunder and Shadow.

Also a side note, I could definitely see her warrior name having either Root or Branch in it!

Anyway, thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of this theory!


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