The Next Leader Of ThunderClan by Pumastripe

004___cinderheart_by_riverbelle-d827q2aCinderheart, Cherryfall or Bumblestripe?

So we all know that Squirrelflight will probably die before she becomes leader. so below I’m going towrite down some cats who I think would make a great leader!

1. Cinderheart – She is loyal, young and reasonable to be leader. She is nice to most of the cats. We haven’t had a she-cat leader for quite a while, Onestar, Bramblestar and Rowanstar are all toms. Unlike other cats she isn’t bossy. She’s had an apprentice, she is very patient. Which cat wouldn’t be better than Cinderheart?

2. Cherryfall – So we don’t exactly know a lot about Cherryfall be she is very enthusiastic unlike her brother. She’s had an apprentice making her able to be deputy. She’s kind. She’s young and fit to be leader. Yea she probably not very wise but that comes with old age doesn’t it? So how does Cherrystar sound?

3. Bumblestripe – We all know Bumblestripe is kind, loyal and fair, why not make him the next leader, I know I would probably prefer the next leader to be a she-cat but I have my opinion? He’s then again young, smart and strong. He would probably be a wise choice as leader.

Thanks for reading and may Starclan light your path!

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