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To Betray? Or Not to Betray? by Rainpaw

tigerstar_by_warrior_junkie-d795ep1“Last time, we looked at some “Traitors” backstories, and today, we’re gonna see if they REALLY are traitors. ”

*Reporter Music*” Hello, and welcome back to Warrior News. Today we have some very interesting theories from Rainpaw. I won’t delay as I can sense you’re bubbling with excitement, so here she is.” Thank you, Bobby. Let’s not waste time. I did part 1 a little while ago, and im going to continue it today. Last time, we looked at some “Traitors” backstories, and today, we’re gonna see if they REALLY are traitors. Okey, so here they are!

Yes, yes. I know she killed like three cats in her life. (not including her afterlife) But it was because she had lost her kits. A whole litter. And then, to make things worse, her mate betrayed her and she got thrown out of his clan too. She was so upset, she had a “mirage” about her kits crying for her help. Now, I’m not gonna say she didn’t betray her clan. But I can see where she’s coming from. If Ravenwing hadn’t told the clan about her Riverclan mate, she and her kits would never have been driven off. Next cat she killed: Frecklewish. Even if she had thought the kits would be fine, she should’ve come out. It wasn’t the kits’ fault their mother had broken the warrior code! She should’ve at least asked if the kits were okay. Next: Appledusk. He promised her his heart, but then they fell apart! Sorry about that. DEM SONGS! Anyways, he promised her that he loved no cat except her, meanwhile, he decided to have kits with another cat. And then, he was all like: “Am so sorries darktsar i dont love her no more its her fault dat me kits died.” Well…. maybe that’s not EXACTLY what he said but….. you get what I mean. You would be pretty upset if your mate bailed on you, too. Proven….. Traitor-ish.

He never killed any cat! And, I would just like to point out, his sister went into a coma state and then was buried alive! Yup, that’s right. Sweetpaw was BURIED ALIVE. Now, he probably didn’t know this at the time, but I bet when he arrived in the DARK FOREST he was like “Why the heck did you bury my sister alive Sunstar? Now all the clans must suffer cause she was my sister and Sunstar killed her!” Okay…. maybe I got a little carried away with myself, but you get the idea. Thistleclaw was heart-broken when she died. And, I found this out a little while ago… Thistleclaw was certain that the only way for his clan to thrive was to destroy the other clans. And wouldn’t Snowfur’s Shadowclan caused death make that opinion stronger? Yes, he trained Tigerclaw to hate the other clans, but Tigerclaw hated Kittypets on his own accord. So don’t blame him for that. He also didn’t tell Tigerpaw (Tigerclaw) to KILL Tiny(Scourge), he only said “Teach him a lesson”. That could mean anything. A notch on the ear, a scratch, or even just chasing him off. Tigerpaw chose to harm him. Proven……… I MADE A BAD CHOICE!(he was a bit of a traitor)

Well… umm….. this is gonna be hawkward… I don’t exactly like Tigerstar, so it’s gonna be hard for me to defend him. I’m just gonna use what I found on youtube and on the wiki… *laughs historically* Tigerstar! You look so weird on wiki! Okay okay, here we go. Tigerstar had a pretty hard life too. His father left him, his mother and his clanmates for the soft life of a kittypet. That’s gotta hurt! Your father chose being a kittypet rather than staying with you, helping you grow and succeed. My father is always there for me, and I know I am blessed by this. Poor Tigerkit has no littermates, no father, plus Goosefeather freaked out every time Tigerkit came near him. That must’ve been pretty hard. And wouldn’t this have influenced him to become the monstrous, terrifying villain we know as Tigerstar. Yes, yes. Thistleclaw influenced him too. But all he did was train Tigerpaw EXTRA hard. Hardcore, war-ready, killing training. Thistleclaw learned this from his mentor in the Dark Forest, Shredtail, and I can’t really defend him from that. Anyways, back to Tigerstar. Tigerstar chose to harm Tiny, unable to resist his hate for kittypets. Although, no matter how much he hated kittypets, he almost killed Tiny, so…. flaw 1. Next, he kills Redtail. Flaw 2. He attempts to kill Bluestar. Flaw 3. He becomes Shadowclan’s leader and tries to drive out the other clans. I’m gonna stop counting flaws, cause that’s just mean. Last, but certainly not least, he brings Bloodclan to the forest. As we all know, his ingenious plan back fired, and he ended up dead on the ground. Proven……… TRAITOR!

Once again, this is a lot like Tigerstar. I hate him. But here we go. First of all, he had a pretty comfortable childhood, other than the death of his mother. The rest of his life runs pretty smoothly, until he meets Squirrelflight, a beautiful, feisty young she-cat who rages an un-burning fire. Ashfur finds out that Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight have had an argument, and he squirms into a realationship with Squirrelflight. He tries to contain her fire, defending her and running to protect her. Squirrelflight lashes out at him, upset that he’s so stereotypical. Only to become broken-hearted when she chooses Brambleclaw because he tried to contain her fire, but she needed a cat who would burn with her. Ashfur makes it his personal goal to make her feel the same pain he felt when she dumped him, finding the perfect chance when he finds her kits on the edge of a cliff, fire blocking every exit. He finds out that they are not Squirrelflight’s kits, letting them free, and plans to tell all the clans that she had lied at the gathering. Squirrelflight and her “kits” plead him not to, and he is killed by Hollyleaf, destroying his plots and his goal. Okay, I’m sorry, but your high-school girlfriend dumps you, and you find the logical way out is killing her kids. Great job, Ashfur! You earned yourself this. Proven……… MORE THAN LIKELY A TRAITOR!

Thank you all for reading, and I can’t wait to write you all my next article! Back to you, Bobby! “Thank you, and it’s about time I left it there. Thank you and good night!” *Reporter Music*

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  • I like Ashfur and I always will, partly because I understand. Remember that human life is VERY LONG compared to cat life. (I’m referencing to your high-school girlfriend thing.) Even if you had a small fling with a cat, it counts for something really big because cat’s lives can be very short. So Ashfur was heartbroken, and Squirrelflight never apologized, and his feelings of heartache and anger get bigger and bigger until he became a flying ball of pure rage. He made a mistake, yes. He was evil, no. As Yellowfang said, he “loved too much.” And that led to his downfall.

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