Why Breezepelt should be respected by Breezefire

c95e5bd4d9fed9a80c9cc8ffa35916f5-d4gwrgr“Breezepelt, my favorite warrior cat.”

Breezepelt, the overall hated and antagonistic character who made you want to punch him in both Power of Three and Omen of the Stars. Nobody really liked him at all and he was never the main antagonist who got enough attention to be throughly hated. Breezepelt, the cat who just wanted love an attention from his father. Breezepelt, my favorite warrior cat.
So, you probably don’t like Breezepelt. He worked with the dark forest, he attacked Jayfeather, he was a BRAT! But, my duty is to make you sympathize, and possibly like, Breezepelt. Now, Breezepelt was born as the only son to survive in Nightcloud and Crowfeather’s litter. Crowfeather never really loved Nightcloud, making Breezepelt’s life miserable from the start. He was desperate to prove himself to his father, but he never got the love or attention he deserved.
We get our personality from the people around us, that shape us into who we are. With an awful father, Breezeplet never had a strong role model. Of course, he could have gained something from Nightcloud, but she completely babied him, never letting him form any good friendships or bonds with other cats. Left without anyone to turn to, Breezepelt was forced to become the awful and rude side of this father, with that being his only influence. Of course, Nightcloud only wanted what was best for her kit, so she kind of fell back on Breezepelt to love after Crowfeather completely resented her. Breezepelt was really missing the father figure he needed to have a successful life. For an example, you can think up some other cats that lacked good parent figures. Tigerstar: WAY WORSE THAN BREEZEPELT. Hawkfrost and Mothwing: Well, they are not very good cats overall. Brokenstar: OKAY, DONT GET ME STARTED. But, then there are some cats who were missing parent figures, like Bluestar, Tallstar and Crookedstar that turned out perfectly fine. But these cats had supportive clans and friends that could bring them up from their bad times, along with litter mates. Breezeplet was kind of oscillated because Nightcloud thought he was perfect and had to be treated specially.
So, Now you know how Breezepelt got his rude attitude, but what led to his downfall? Breezepelt was led down the path to the dark forest. As you know, many good warriors went to the dark forest to train. Breezepelt was one of them. He had given up trying for Crowfeather’s approval, and wanted to show his strength in another way. When he want to the dark forest, he found a way to prove himself. He trained hard, wanting someone to be proud of him. He finally was getting the attention he deserved and he relished the time at night when he could see his “family”. Breezepelt was willing to do whatever his mentors asked. He was even more ready to attack after he learned of his Thunderclan cousins. He was enraged and willing to attack Jayfeather at all costs. He stayed on the dark forest side during the final battle because he couldn’t seem to give up his position in the only place he felt like he truly belonged.
Now, on to Heathertail. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. It does seem like Breezepelt “stole” Heathertail from Lionblaze, but that is entirely wrong. You only see the story from Lionblaze’s perspective and you suddenly think that Breezepelt stole Heathertail. But really, it’s all just drama and Breezepelt had all the rights to Heathertail because they are in THE SAME CLAN. Breezepelt did end up finding happiness with Heathertail an they had two daughters together. Although I am not a fan of Heathertail, I am glad the Breezepelt was able to find a mate.
Breezepelt is often mistaken for a downright rude cat, but I believe he is just misunderstood. He has had a tough life and He deserves more credit. Now to the part where I talk about why I LOVE Breezepelt. Bouncing back up from an unfortunate curcumstance is something many people admire in characters. It is a great quality that I believe Breezepelt possesses. He had some hardships but his life turned out to be okay in the end. Finding out about his Thunderclan kin nearly ruined his world and made him wish he had a different life. He was turned down by many that he loved and I can understand and relate to that. I sympathize him and I really am happy that he could have his happily ever after and see the bright side of life.
I hope this short article could make you feel better towards Breezepelt. If you need more proof, comment and I can give you more. You can still have your opinion, but please don’t comment about how bad you think Breezepelt is. Instead, comment about something I missed and tell me how I should improve. I hope you can now feel better towards my bæ, Breezepelt!http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/150/8/7/breezepelt__collab_design_by_neko__raven-d674mq7.png

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  • I don’t really like Breezepelt, but I understand why he did what he did, and how events influenced him to attempt murder, and the other stuff he did. And maybe who he became wasn’t completely his fault.

    • It’s not his fault he was neglected as a kit, but no one ever forced him to try to murder innocent cats. That was definitely his own fault.

  • As a character, Breezepelt is interesting. It makes sense that Breezepelt is the way he is. Form Crowfeather’s negligence, to Nightcloud’s intoxicating influence, to training with the Dark Forest. He is the product of hate which led to the way his is now. However, Breezepelt has no redeeming traits that we’ve seen thus far. He let his hatred towards Crowfeather consume him. He attempted to murder a pregnant queen and a blind medicine cat at the Moonpool and sided with the Dark Forest. Plus, he was never really a pleasant cat to be around. While it makes sense where he learned this behavior, it does not excuse it. Breezepelt is a grown cat who can make his own decisions and he chose to be hateful, disloyal, and a murderer.

  • Breezepelt can take a pear. Norwegian expression. Doesn’t sound good in english. It’s a nicer way to say eff off… i hate breezepelt.

    The names Paw, Corianderpaw

  • Yay! Another person that thinks Breezepelt is awesome. (Even though I’m around two months short of a year late to the party.)

    • I love Breezepelt! He’s my fave character ever! (Along with Ivypool) I want to cry when I think about his hard life. He is the most misunderstood cat there ever was. But what isn’t okay is that he mated with my LEAST fave cat ever, Heatherfail. She is such an idiot. Who likes her? (Soz if u do) Breezepelt is the best!

  • I mean…. you had some good points, and it makes me understand Breezepelt more… but that still doesn’t mean I like him. You mostly just justified the bad stuff he did. Do you have any evidence of something good that he actually did?

  • breezepelt is one of my favorites aswell! He’s in my top 10,I just love breezepelt and idk why