Cadvent Eve and New Calendar Feature

cadvent-eve-by-iceshardHello BlogClan!

Tomorrow is the start of my favourite time in the BlogClan year. Cadvent! 😀 😀

Thanks for all the fabulous links you’ve sent. I can’t wait to start sharing them.

In the meantime, I have good news. I have finally worked out the Calendar and you can now start putting your birthdays. clanniversaries, or other BlogClan events on the calendar using the form on this page.

I hope you enjoy the new feature. Don’t worry if it’s confusing at first. I’ve been experimenting all day and got plenty confused. Make as many mistakes as you like. I’m happy to fix them.

Apologies to anyone who has already sent in their special occasion – I was rather swamped by the response and fell behind so badly that I decided that it would be better if you added your own events. I will mod each even before it’s published on the calendar, so don’t worry if it doesn’t appear immediately. I’ll check for new events twice a day (at least) and publish them when I see them.

I’d love to hear what you think of this new BlogClan feature.

Happy Cadvent Eve.



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