Cadvent Day 4

It may seem a long time till Christmas, but it’ll be here before you know it!

Welcome to Cadvent Day 4! I hope you’re enjoying the seasonal loveliness. I watched Home Alone last night so I’m properly in Christmas spirits. No decorations or tree here yet. That will happen on the 15th. Until then, Christmas will have to live in my heart and in the pile of presents waiting to be wrapped in the wardrobe. (I won’t be wrapping them in the wardrobe. That would be silly. But I’m hiding them there. Which is kinda silly, because, with Josh at university, there’s no one to hide them from this year.)

But I will stop wittering because you didn’t come here to listen to me. I will get on with the pictures.

Thank you, Amberstorm, for finding this picture of a what I think is a lion. At first, I thought it was a dog, because it seems like the dumb sort of thing a dog would do; then I noticed the tail and the big forepaws. I fear our warriors would be disappointed to see their mythical ancestors acting like mousebrains, but Graystripe would be amused. And anything that amuses Graystripe, amuses me.


Thankyou, Hobbitheart, for this little cutie. And such a sparkly, cosy photo. Perfectly in the Cadvent spirit. 🙂


And finally, Darkpaw. Thank you. This is adorable. I love that little striving face, determined to find out what’s hidden in the branches of that tree. 🎄



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