Cadvent Day 5

When do you visit BlogClan?

Good morning (or afternoon, or evening!) I begin each morning of Cadvent by creating the day’s post. It’s a wonderful way to start the day, but it set me wondering when you visit BlogClan? Do you visit every day when you first wake up? Or do you have a peek at school on your phone? Perhaps you wait until you get home, or when dinner and chores and homework are done? What is your favourite time to visit BlogClan?

Our first picture today was found by Stormjay. It’s full of the promise of holiday magic 🙂

Brightstorm found the next one. It reminds me of Ravenpaw. 🙂 I bet he and Barley celebrated some wonderful Christmases on the farm.


Today’s last picture was found by Bluejay. I love it because it has an old-fashioned feel which puts me in mind of Bing Crosby, one of my favourite Christmas things. 🙂


In fact, I will share my Bing Joy here…


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