Cadvent Day 6

Happy Clanniversary, Iceflower!

I’m delighted that so many of you are making use of the BlogClalendar!

Don’t forget, you can add a picture to your event by uploading one along with your information – don’t worry about the size (although keeping it below 400KB mean there’s be more room on the server for more pictures), but the length or height doesn’t seem to matter, and you only have to add one picture (even though it gives an option to add three).

But enough of the technical talk. More seasonal fun. Today is Saint Nicolas’s Day and in many countries across Europe, people will already be celebrating Christmas. So Frohen Nikolaus! Let’s get on with the fun.

The first picture was found by Iceflower! It’s just beautiful. Thank you!

iceflower Mistpaw found the next. This cat prefers to stay warm and dry beside the Christmas tree. 🙂 It looks soooooooooo comfortable.

mistpaw And finally, thank you Flowerstream, for finding this adorable picture. 😀 😀




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