Cadvent Day 8

How’s school going?

How are tests. homework and school? I hope you’re having some seasonal fun and it’s not just all work and worry. If it is, today’s Cadvent pictures will cheer you up.

And Flo has promised to schedule some articles to distract you. Thank, Flo! 😀

Here come the kitties!

The first was found by Wavepaw. Thank you! It makes me want to write a snowy Warriors story! The most memorable Warriors snow scene for me is, of course, when Bluestar gives up her kits. *sobs*

Mistpaw found this happy kittypet. Cats just love Christmas decorations 🙂 Thanks, Mistpaw.

And finally, Rainpaw found this wonderfully seasonal cat. Thank you, Rainpaw. What a beautiful cat. 🐱❤️