Cadvent Day 9

Cadvent Day 9 is always an extra special day.

Older BlogClan warriors will know that today is Josh’s birthday! I’m very excited because he’s coming home for the weekend, which means pizza, cake and lots of happiness.

I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

Thank you, Mistpaw, for finding this gorgeous kitty picture 🙂 It is totally hyyge

And this one was found by Brightpaw. It makes me smile because it reminds me of a tortoiseshell I once had, called Lottie. She was adorable and, every year, I’d make her a sleigh out of a cardboard box, decorated with crepe paper, and drag it around the house with her in it. She adored it and went crazy trying to catch the carpet as it whizzed past. 😀 😀 Happy memories. (Sadly, I didn’t have her long. She died when she was 7 of sudden kidney failure.)

Finally, Runningleaf found this gorgeous Christmas warrior. I wonder what cats really think of snow?