Great Starclan! – by Rainpaw

Rainpaw has an adventure with various StarClan cats.

*Reporter Music* “Hello, and welcome to Warriors news! First thing on the list, we will be changing to ‘Warrior Cats: Secrets Revealed’. *Crowd cheers and claps* Next on the list, Rainpaw visited Starclan the other day, only to find this. I’ll hand it over to you now, Rainpaw.” Thank you, Bobby. Now, this was inspired by Kindheart. I found one of her articles and fell in love with it. Don’t worry, quite a different chain of events happen. I would never steal from one of my fellow BlogClaaners. Here it is!

Me: Yo Starclan! Guess wha…
Bluestar: Hui Ranpew I foundeded a bog pudle o’ Twolag stuff and i drenk it.
Me: Uh…. Bluestar, I don’t think that was such a good idea…
BS: O’ corse t’was! iT tastes lik wired bery!
*Lionheart walks in*
Me: She got into the Twoleg’s stock of wine again…
Lionheart: We should really seal that off!
*Yellowfang poofs out of nowhere cause she’s awesome*
YF: Not again! How many bottles did she get into?
LH: Rainpaw, I think it would be safer for you if you hung out with some of the newest Starclan cats…
Me: But what about Bluestar?
YF: *sighs* I’ll go get some Yarrow.
*I walk off and find Honeyfern*
Me: Hey Honeyfern!
HF: Hi Rainpaw! I was just mourning over the loss of my mate, who moments after my death chose Poppyfrost as his mate!
Me: Well…. um… Not exactly what I pictured you’d be doing tonight but…
HF: Oh, I do this every night! I’m so happy that Poppyfrost is happy!
Me: But you just said-
HF: Oh, off with you, you young apprentice! You’ve got better things to do than watch me mourn.
Me: Ookkaayy then….
*Walks off once again to find Half Moon*
Me: Finally! A close to normal cat!
HM: Oh, hi Rainpaw! Come here, sit beside this pool of water with me.
Me: Why?
HM: My dearest love is sorting his herbs… *eyes start to water, and then cry* Oh how he loves sorting herbs…
Me: *sighs* I don’t think he loves it.
HM: Of course he does! We had the same destiny, except I’m not blind. He was made a healer, I was made a Healer…
HM: We’re practically the same cat!
Me: *mutters* That’s like saying Firestar and Tigerstar were the same cat since both their fathers were kitty pets!
HM: Oh look! The sun is rising! Bye!
Me: But-
*Swooshes of magic and I’m in my nest*
Me: But I didn’t get to tell them I’m in Dawnclan now…

So, in conclusion, never visit Starclan on a Tuesday night, things go wrong. I’ll give it back to you, Bobby. “Thank you, but I believe that’s all the time we’ve got left for today. See you next Time on… Warrior News! *Reporter music and cheers from crowd*


Image Credits – LokiDrawz off of DeviantArt

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