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  • They will never be able to fit 60+ books into one movie. It would be an awesome TV show, though. A season for each arc.

  • It would end up like the guardians of Yahoo me movie, only going over the first series and watering down the violence.

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      I’m not angry at u or anything, but it’s actually called Owls of Ga’hoole, not “guardians of Yahoo me”. But I understand that it was probably just an autocorrect problem 😉

  • yes the director of the Harry Potter movies is making it, which means it’ll be really detailed but will take until around 2023.

  • I think the will do The Prophecies begin, just that. Maybe turn the rest into tv shows, but I doubt it. Maybe the super editions that have to do with The Prophecies begin, though. I really hope, if they make a movie, it is CGI, (Like the Lion King redo,) or at least CGI Animated, ( like all the Pixar and Dreamworks movies,).

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    Okay 4 years ago everyone was talking about age ratings and length so here’s what I think: It will be a two-parted movie, split into approx. 2.5 hour increments. I believe it will be PG, and for that to happen we need to switch up timing on a few birth scenes, make tigerstar’s death off screen and like a “surprise” (like one of the warriors is like “ahh tigerstars killed by scourge :0”) and for brightheart to make the cut they’ll have to just seal over the eye with fur ig 😛

    • I totally agree about the rateing. Warrior Cats can be very violent.
      Warnings that should show:
      Blood, gore, and violence.
      I put gore in there because even if we don’t see warrior cats getting really messed up alot, hunting could be an issue with that.

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        I agree
        If warrior cats was a movie it wouldn’t be really child appropriate with all the fighting , war etc