Why Dovewing is Misunderstood by Rainfrost

Rainfrost explains why Dovewing is misunderstood.

There are a lot of Dovewing haters in the Warriors fandom for multiple reasons – people think she’s a Mary-Sue (a character with no flaws), or that she’s whiny, or that she’s stupid or has no personality. But despite loads of people not liking her character, whenever I read the Omen of the Stars I find myself liking reading her chapters the most. I think she’s a bit misunderstood, and having read both Dovewing’s Silence and Bramblestar’s Storm, I think that even more.
Basically, she was horrified when she found out about her powers, and then when they disappeared she felt empty and wanted them back. She’s either nice or rude, mainly to Bumblestripe as she has an on-off thing with Tigerheart. So that’s why I disagree when people argue that she’s a complete Mary-Sue, because she’s not. It may seem dark, but her behaviour seems like she’s a bit troubled on the inside, for lack of a better word. Her world was turned upside down when she was just an apprentice, and she had a huge prophecy weighing down on her since then, which explains her instability as she grows up, and her fickle personality. She was clearly different to everyone from a young age. So when people say she’s stupid or whiny as well, I think it’s just because she’s very unstable.
I will admit that on occasion, Dovewing can be an annoying cat. She can’t really make her mind up and she does whine about her powers, or lack of them. But most people have no sympathy for her whatsoever. They don’t look into why she’s like this, and they have no empathy. As for the Bumblestripe/Tigerheart thing, she did eventually grow up. She ended things with Tigerheart, and then with Bumblestripe (which actually, I was pretty upset about until I realised it was good for both Dovewing and Bumblestripe, as she never really loved him, and she shouldn’t have to be mates with someone she doesn’t have true feelings for).
To sum things up, I do like Dovewing. Although she’s a controversial character, I believe she’s misunderstood. She was thrust into a prophecy at a young age, forcing her apart from her sister, then caught up in her feelings for a ShadowClan warrior, then everything was taken away from her just like that. So that’s why I understand why she has such irrational behaviour sometimes, and why she’s so unsteady. I really hope Dovewing finds happiness in her future, as I have a lot of sympathy for her and I think she had a difficult time as a young cat.
Let me know if you agree or disagree as I think she’s a really interesting character to talk about! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • I like Dovewing too! I don’t really understand why people hate her! The same thing for Tigerheart! (Though I like Tigerheart a little more)

  • I sort of agree… No, the fandom should not fully hate on her because of three things (Tiger/Bumble, whiny about powers, overshadowing sister a bit).
    But they are pretty good reasons for people to dislike her.
    For those who think Dovewing should belong with Tigerheart, she can’t. I’m sorry, but unless one of them leaves their Clan (which they never will), it will end in chaos.
    If she ends up with Bumblestripe, things might turn out okay- but it could very well end in chaos as well.
    And for the rest of you who think the whole Dove ship thing is over- nope. In Thunder & Shadow, well, let’s just say that it’s hinted it will continue… Some glares and chatting take place.
    Now, onto whininess….
    This is something I personally can’t stand.
    She complains about her powers…. Yes, she’s had emotional pressure for a long time, but she needs to slap herself into reality, and then tell herself that “No other cat was blessed with your powers. None. So make the best of it, don’t screw yourself over because you can, and suck it up. You can’t save the Clan if you’re out back crying over lost powers. Now get your rear up!” What people need to know is that StarClan wants her to be strong, so she, of course, tries, but really, she’s digging herself a grave that will cause her to break down ten times worse later (which I can say happened…)
    And on to the “Ivypool” section…
    For almost all of the Ivy lovers, hatred towards Dovewing is there. She overshadowed her sister for a while… Yes, Ivypool did bad things, but she grew stronger and tried to correct those things… She didn’t whine one bit. Going to the DF every night had to exhaust her- and Dovewing helped her out with that.
    But she never really helped her emotionally… Dovewing snuck out at night to meet Tigerheart, so Ivypool may have felt a little…. left out? Well, along those terms. More like neglected…
    Both sisters survived in the end, so both sides are happy…

    If you want to see some “future ships” I have predicted for AVOS, I’ll probably be doing those soon on one of the AVOS spoiler pages… or a discussion page. Depends. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It seems pretty harsh to tell someone who just lost one of their senses, as though they’ve just been blinded, to suck it up and stop whining. I haven’t read BrS in a while, but I don’t recall her missing patrols or stopping in her duties to her Clan because of her senses. She’s lost one of her senses that she’s depended on all of her life – she’s allowed to mourn. That’s like telling Cinderpelt or Longtail to suck it up after their losses.

      • I understand your point of view, and I actually agree with it. What I was trying to say was that, in general, she should have at least tried to not whine. Totally understandable to know that you’ve lost a sense- but Cinderpelt and Longtail didn’t complain. Cinderpelt worked even harder than she had before, and she matured a lot. That’s what I’d want to see from Dovewing.
        And I never mentioned her missing patrols for Tigerheart, let alone in Bramblestar’s Storm, which I didn’t even mention.

        I just want Dovewing to maybe mature a bit, and I think she has, but I also think she can go further. She made mistakes, but now it’s time to move on and get stronger and help your clanmates, even without your special powers.

        And let’s not forget Lionblaze lost his powers, and he coped. (I can’t say much about Jayfeather, he’s still blind as can be besides in his dreams)
        Even Briarlight learned to cope with her disability.
        I’m also going to mention that Dovewing didn’t entirely lose a sense, they just got a little dimmed… She isn’t blind (which would be far worse), nor deaf, or even crippled.
        I’m not saying it didn’t take time for these cats to cope, but I think Dovewing can still mature further, and maybe, just maybe, more of the fandom will like her. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Sorry for the wait, I was waiting until I had time to respond.

          I think she had every right to whine, and I don’t think she was even whining that much. The most I remember was her being sad about it, and trying to hear her echoes further down in the tunnels, which was away from the Clan. Cinderpelt did complain some that we saw, and probably more that we didn’t.

          The patrol thing was in response to you saying she should realize she can still help her Clan without her powers, or something to that effect. I was trying to demonstrate that she’s still doing her job for her Clan and hasn’t been slacking or anything because of her loss. She /is/ still helping her Clan, and it seems harsh to imply that she isn’t doing enough for her Clan when she’s already helped them defeat the Dark Forest. I probably should have explained myself better. ๐Ÿ˜›

          Yeah, but Lionblaze wasn’t born with his power the way that Dovewing was, he gained it later, and he didn’t use it as much in every day life as Dovewing did. Jayfeather is more similar to Dovewing in how he used his powers, but he’s always kept his emotions more to himself, and he can still talk to StarClan. And yeah, Briarlight is doing better now, but she still complained about it, and rightfully so.

          Her sight and hearing beyond any other cat basically was it’s own sense. And I like her already, well, it’s more accurate to say I’m mostly neutral about her. I don’t really have a strong opinion of her as a character. But I do feel strongly about people saying she’s just whining and should get over losing her power. I get saying she’s whiny about some other things, but that one feels totally justified, and it feels unfair for people to act like she should just get over it when they’re totally fine with how much Jayfeather complains about being blind, or Brightheart losing her eye, or any of the other cats who’ve lost a sense or ability of some sort.

          Her extra hearing and sight were’re just something extra for Dovewing. Remember, she didn’t even realize that her senses were stronger than other cats’ before Jay and Lion explained it to her. It’s just part of how she navigated the world around her. Now part of that has been cut off forever, and she has to learn how to navigate with much less than what she had before, and I don’t blame her at all for mourning what she’s lost and being unsure about re-learning how to do basic things in her life without these senses she’s used all of her life.

    • I was actually hoping Tigerheart might join ThunderClan because right now ShadowClan are all rogues and Tigerheart is already “temporarily” with them so obviously Tigerheart couldn’t have joined earlier because if he did the cats would be confused and if he told them about Dovewing they would’ve gotten mad at him for seeing her. But if he did it now that he’s with them temporarily then they MIGHT understand if two cats in the same Clan together at the moment develop feelings for each other and there was no way to stop it (the opposite for Dovewing Bumblestripe)
      Also, Tigerheart’s mother Tawnypelt WAS a ThunderClan cat so Tigerheart DOES have ThunderClan blood…

      But of course, we won’t know what happens for sure until the new books (especially the Tigerheart and Dovewing Super Edition) come out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • It’s weird how my opinions have changed as I’ve gotten older. Dovewing has gone from a good character to one of my favorites (she’s very relatable), and I’ve gone from a complete Dove x Bumble fan to Dove x Neither to Dove x Tiger. I suppose a lot has happened in five years. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Honestly my favorite charicter is Leafpool so I understand the feeling of loving a cat that everyone else hates. You go girl!!!๐Ÿ˜„

  • I, personally, never felt that she was being “whiny” in the sense of complaining about things out of proportion. Yes, she complained, but from what I recall I always felt she was justified in her complaints. Her situation, as you pointed out, has been stressful since the beginning. There’s a big difference for me between characters who whine about nothing and characters who complain because they’ve been dealt a hard blow or two in life. I always disliked the love triangle and kind of just wish she’d stop being such a flipflop about it, but meh, it’s a thing, so there’s no use griping about it. As to losing her senses, I thought that was done pretty well. There has to be some level of adjustment for all the cats, and if you think about how heavily Dovewing relied on her own powers every day of her life (they were a way for her to interact with the world, after all), it’s no surprise that she’s left feeling like she’s been tossed down a pit into sensory deprivation. I thought her reaction was quite understandable and I prefer that she show some struggle because it makes a lot of sense. Anyone who has lost something so crucial to their daily life has to go through that confusion and adjustment after all. While I’ve always preferred Ivypool as a character, I have never ‘disliked’ Dovewing.

  • You know, I totally agree! She has had troubles and when I first starting reading Omen of the Stars I was iffy, but now I totally understand her now hat I’ve finished Omen of the Stars!
    Great Article!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

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