My First Time Reading Into The Wild (I was Weird) by Breezepaw

Breezepaw explains their experiences reading Warriors. 

Hello! I’m Breezepaw, the one that’s always in the Warrior Names place, I’ve been on here for around 2 Months now and still have not posted an article yet, so here I am with one!
You know how sometimes you have those weird memories that just come to you either randomly or when you look at something that reminds you of them?
Well, that happened to me when I was re-reading Into the Wild, and remembered the weird way I read back when I first started.
Gee that was a long introduction, it’s time to finally look into those weird memories of when I first started reading them!
1 – The actual first book I read was The Forgotten Warrior, which is alllll the way into the 4th series, so I was wondering so much stuff like: “What’s with the cats in the prologue? Are they the evil cats?” Or “Are they actually outside?” Yeah, I was kinda weird, and I had a forest in my backyard when I first read it, so I kept looking back at that forest, trying to see if there were wild cats fighting each other.
2 – I thought something very strange back then, I thought that they were traveling in a twolegplace (or a neighborhood), and that they were attacked at a pile of rubble near a stream of water going into the sewer. Yes, I know. I was very weird when I was younger, and I still am!
3 – I thought Fireheart was a copy of Firestar, who he actually is. I give many face-paws for the not very intelligent things I think.
4 – RiverClan is obviously evil, that’s what I thought when reading the prologue. “What evil and vile cats!” I would say to myself, in the strangest Australian accent I could do, even though I’m not Australian.
5 – And I thought Tigerclaw was a ghost. I was all angry like: “Didn’t you guys know he was evil?! He was just trying to kill you in the last book I read!” Yes, I didn’t read that this was a first book in the first series, and that other book that I read was a fifth book in THE FOURTH SERIES.

That’s all I can really remember, if I can remember any further, I’ll tell everyone.
Thanks for reading my first article that probably wasn’t too good but maybe was good? Please do tell if you liked it or not.
Anyways, I’m Breezepaw, and I’m out!

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  • Interesting! I think there should be an article like this that states your comments and thoughts WHILE you’re reading the book.

  • XD great article thankfully I read into the wild first so I didn’t worry about any of that since I read the books in order but great first article!!!

  • i started reading dawn of the clans first but i gave up when it was too big, then i didn’t read warriors for a while. after that i read into the wild then the other sequels after that i read bluestars sper edition then crookedstars super edition and now i am reading firestars quest.

  • I never had this issue since I read Into The Wild two years after I started, I had very neat timeline in my head, and still do, about the events of ‘Warriors’. I started with Eclipse in POT, so I did have some confusion, like with the mountain cats mentioned, I thought they meant like a loosely knit ‘Clan’ in the mountains that Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Jaypaw only fought, and that they beat them. Gladly I read Outcast shortly after that, so I cleared that up!

  • I read all the Warriors books(except the super editions and novellas) in order.

  • The first time I read “Into the Wild”….was after I read “Fire & Ice” because I have terrible luck in libraries 😛 I always, always, ALWAYS find the second, third or even last book of a series I want to start in the library but I NEVER find the first book 😛

  • Because I originally heard about Warriors through a magazine ad for ‘Starlight,’ I started with ‘Midnight’ and read all the books of The New Prophecy series except for Sunset (which had not yet been released) before I went back and read the first series. A part of me wonders if I missed out on any of the emotion or surprise of the first series, having gone into it knowing Tigerclaw/star was evil and Firepaw/heart/star was destined to become leader and be awesome. I’ve never been upset about spoilers all that much because I enjoy seeing how things work towards a certain end that I already know is going to happen, but at times I wonder how my feelings towards the books would have changed if I had read them in order. I was never confused about any of it, though. I just took the fact that dead cats were giving strange prophecies in stride and figured it all out along the way hehe.

  • I started with Into the wild. I actually first saw it on ssswarriors. i found it really interesting (obviously). I don’t remember exactly what i thought it was. All i remember is that i didn’t know it was a book series until i searched it up on amazon and ordered it with amazon prime 🙂

  • I was going to read Into the Wild because I wasn’t as young, and I knew which book to get, but it took 3 months for the book to come 😐

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