Cinder’s Favourite Couples by Cindertail

Cindertail discusses her favourite couples. 

Warriors is filled with couples, and some of them I like and the others I dislike.
Today I will be listing all the couples I like in the series. (The Prophecies Begin-The New Prophecy)

💜Brackenfur and Sorreltail💜- It’s Very sweet. There relationship is ADORABLE!

💚Crowfeather and Leafpool💚- It was not much of like, ‘love at first sight’ or anything. Leafpaw just wanted to be friends but Crowfeather disliked her. Then they bonded. I think Crow likes her most because, Feathertail was ‘childhood’ love and Nightcloud was a reputation-repair-girl.

💙Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw💙- They were lovely together! It was a really cute couple.

❤️Firestar and Sandstorm❤️- They were really cute and developed. When Sandpaw was about to fall off the gorge Fireheart rescued her. After *sniff sniff* Whiteclaw’s death, she realized she could have died. Sand then realized Fireheart was a great warrior. And blah blah bond (Cinderpaw helped)

💚Stormfur and Brook- Cute
💜Thrushpelt/Oakheart and Bluestar- Both of these couples were cute. But Oak and Blue was undeveloped.
❤️Brightheart and Cloudtail- Beautiful.
💛Sasha and Tigerstar- In the manga series, ‘Tigerstar and Sasha’ their romance is really cute.


💛Crookedstar and Willowbreeze💛- They were cute, developed, heart-breaking and romantic.
I give them extra points for making ‘Crookedstar’s Promise’ my Favourite Super Edition and making me cry.

Anyway That’s it for this article! Feel Free to tell me your Favourite Couples! BYE

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