Cadvent Day 16

Happy Clanniversary, Foxpaw!

I am delighted to say that I have so many seasonal BlogClan pet pictures this year, as well as gorgeous fan art, I’m going to give you four pictures a day – sometimes five – to make sure I fit them all in along with the wonderful seasonal cat pictures you’ve found!

BlogClan is definitely putting me in a perfect Yuletide spirit 🙂 Thank you!

This is Snowheart’s basset hound, Flash. He is totally adorable. Wook at that wittle face! 🙂

Thank you for finding this wonderful picture, Mistpaw. So very festive! 🎄

And this is one snuggly-looking cat. Thanks, Wollow, for sending in the link to this picture 😀

Finally, Flame found this brilliant picture of a snowy cat. Very beautiful! Thank you! 💕🎄❄️


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