Is Tigerstar a psychopath? by Starstripe

Starstripe questions as to whether Tigerstar is a psychopath. 

Is Tigerstar a psychopath?

Hello guys! So I was wondering the other day: Why is Tigerstar…Tigerstar? Yes, we know his background wasn’t that great, but could his personality have something to do with it? Being a psychopath doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a criminal and just because you’re a criminal doesn’t make you a psychopath but in today’s blog I will be comparing the signs to Tigerstar’s personality.

1. A psychopath is cunning and manipulative.

This is definitely true. One example is when he convinced Leapordstar to join him. He also persuaded Darkstripe to join him and Brokenstar to rebel against Thunderclan. Also when he set the dogs on Thunderclan he was very cunning! He formed a whole plan, the Bloodclan thing also show this. When he formed his plans in practically all the arcs he has demonstrated that he is very cunning and very manipulative.

2. A psychopath is charming

I am not sure about this one, so let me know in the comments what you think about this . But I think he is, he’s very charming around Goldenflower, his children, Sasha and Leapordstar. Does that count? I’m not sure, but I think Tigerstar can be charming when he wants to be. I think this may be similar to being manipulative and if it is then he is definitely charming.

3. They have a high sense of worth

Basically, they think that are more amazing that they actually are. I definitely think this. Although, he was respected by the clans he always thought that he was right and basically went around thinking he was clan deputy! He thought he was like Starclan’s gift and that everybody should listen to him just because he was Tigerstar.

4. They have no empathy.

Did he feel sorry when Snowfur died? For Bluestar or for Whitekit. He wasn’t sad about his mother, Bluestar, Redtail or any elders at all. Nor Longtail. I don’t think he showed any sign of being sad at all during his whole entire life. So I think with this one it’s a definite YES! Because I’ve never seen him be sad.

5. Poor control of emotion

Another tick. Whenever he was frustrated with Ravenpaw or anyone else he would leap on them and try to kill them. They would barely get away without a nick. When he hated halfclans he just wanted to kill them all. In fact, he wanted to kill practically everyone so yep. He cannot control his anger. He shows it. Maybe he just can’t control it. Normally Psychopath’s can’t help it so if he was one, we should forgive him just a little bit. I mean it’s just a theory…

6. Wanting more power

Should I even comment about this? That’s basically, who Tigerstar is. That’s the whole reason he’s a baddy. He wanted to be leader, to rule the forest. That’s all he wanted. Power. He never got it. But I don’t feel sorry for him, I’m sorry but he killed almost all of my favourite characters and I hate him.

7. Doesn’t understand punishment.

Like hello? You’ve been exiled. Don’t you understand that. Or you’re in the Dark Forest, isn’t that telling you something? You know I don’t think Tigerstar ever thought he was doing something wrong. Otherwise he probably wouldn’t have done it. He probably though he was a hero in his own mind.

So what do you think. Do you think Tigerstar might be a psychopath? Let me know. Or do you think another cat could be a psychopath or do you agree with my points? Leave it down in the comments.

Art Credit: Blaukralle, DeviantArt

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