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My Favorite Warrior Cats by Mapleblaze

Mapleblaze explains talks about favourite warrior cats. 

Let’s get on with my article.

1. Ashfoot
She was a great mother to Eaglekit and to Crowfeather. Ashfoot lost her first son, Eaglekit, then she lost her mate yet she was still able to stay positive. She defended Crowfeather after he came back from being with Leafpool when no other cat would. She helped ThunderClan when Onestar refused after they asked for help in finding Ashfur’s killer. Ashfoot was a great deputy and I believe she deserves more attention. (I was so sad when she died.)

2. Whitestorm
This cat is one of the definitions of loyalty. He was humble and helpful to his clan. He was a great father and he put his clan above himself til the end. Whitestorm was very wise and I felt bad for him when I learned that Snowfur was his mother. (He was so sad when she died). I wish he was still alive though I think he’ll be happy with his mother in StarClan.

3. Sunstar
Where to start with this amazing character. He was a great and strong leader, yes, but he was also loyal and like a father to Bluefur. I support the idea that he loved Moonflower, therefore, he wanted to help Bluefur. Sunstar was also one of the only cats to get angry at Stormtail for not grieving his mate. I loved this character and I wish he had a longer life to live.

4. Alderpaw/heart
Alderpaw is not the cat I expected to be the son of the strong Bramblestar and the feisty Squirrelflight. Unlike his parents, he is shy and very nervous and unlike many Warriors protagonists, he is very relateable. I actually didn’t like when he went to find SkyClan because I never liked them, but Alderpaw did something most protagonists don’t do right away-fail. Alderpaw failed. I feel like he’ll become a great character and I hope more of my favorite character don’t die in this series.

5. Tallstar.
Tallstar…just wow. I honestly didn’t expect what Tallstar’s Revenge had to offer. Tallstar was literally going to murder someone…I found him a very deep character that did what he thought he had to do no matter the costs. I ship him a lot with Jake and I love Tallstar’s relationship with Firestar. Tallstar was a great leader and I’m sad that Onestar came to lead WindClan after him. RIP WindClan’s Likability.
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  • 1. Ashfoot – I really like her, too! She is my favorite WindClan cat!! I wish she could’ve been leader.
    2. Whitestorm – I wish he was leader as well. I completely agree with what you said about him.
    3. Sunstar – He is one of my top ten favorites. I wish he was Moonflower’s mate instead of Stormtail.
    4. Alderheart – He’s okay. I can’t really relate to him because I have more of Sparkpelt’s personality, and I like her better.
    5. Tallstar – He’s okay. Tallstar’s Revenge wasn’t my favorite book – when he went on his journey for revenge, I was bored. I liked him in The Prophecies Begin Arc.

  • My opinions on these cats:
    Ashfoot- she was a really great deputy!
    Whitestorm- he’s awesome!
    Sunstar- he’s a great leader! Sadly, a very underrated one.
    Alderheart- awww, he’s so sweet!
    Tallstar- he’s great! I ship TallXJake too.
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