Dovewing and Ivypool: Not-So-Dynamic Sisterly Duo by Foxshadow

Foxshadow describes why Ivypool and Dovewing aren’t so special

While I was sorting through an old bookshelf that I haven’t touched in a little while…I came across the book The Fourth Apprentice. Now, the series that followed it was one I remembered not exactly enjoying. But why, I wondered, did it not excite me every time a new warrior cats book came out? Perhaps it was the issue of Dovewing (At the time Dovekit/Dovepaw) and Ivypool (Ivykit/Ivypaw). Now, I’ve seen the internet, and both cats have gotten their fair share of love and hate, but I wasn’t going to just hop on the bandwagon and make a meme about it, no. I decided to delve a little deeper into their characters. So buckle your seatbelts, I’m going to give you a somewhat biased opinion while analyzing the two warrior cats characters that changed the course of the entire series…..

First off, they’re not just cats in general. No, they’re sisters. And almost polar opposite at that. When I first read this, I was excited, mostly because I thought maybe I could finally relate to a book character more than I had before. I have a younger sister, and she is actually better than me at a lot of things. Lots of times, I feel dragged out of the spotlight, cast in a shadow, so immediately I took a liking to Ivypaw. I couldn’t wait to see their relationship! As myself, I was hoping to get more and more from both sides of a love-hate relationship to complicate it…if only the prophecy hadn’t gotten in the way. The way I read it, to my disappointment, was that they would have been these two lovey-dovey (haha, get it? Dovey!) inseparable sisters that never argued about anything…and then they [And by ‘they’ I mean Lionblaze and Jayfeather] dragged her off to the mystical realm of the prophecy so she could harness the strength of her…Wolverine senses…??? Seriously, though; what is the relevance of her ability?? Sure, it helped them find the beaver dam but what else can she do?? “I heard a tree fall and almost saved everyone!” No, shut up Dovewing, get out of here. And almost isn’t good enough!

But seriously, it always bothered me how it gave her so much grief too! The whole story just seemed to revolve around “oh poor me I wish I was NORMAL so other cats would LOVE me” when in reality they already do! The whole thing reminded me too much of Mary Jane from the original three Spider Man movies (yeah the ones with our good pal Tobey Maguire). She was given everything, she became an actress, knew very well that she was extremely beautiful and that she was dating Spiderman, yet she goes and ruins it for her own self-interest then blames poor Tobey.
(Scene from Spiderman 3)

Spiderman intensely freaking out and attacking two LARGE STRONG MEN

Mary Jane: Aha! I should run over there he definitely won’t hit me because I’m MARY JANE!

Spiderman accidentally hits Mary Jane because he’s on an uncontrollable rampage…

Mary Jane sprawls on the floor and looks up at Peter so incredibly hurt

Mary Jane: What are you?

In short calling him a monster. And that, folks, is why you don’t run at a rampaging man while he’s in a blind rage. But the thing that bothered me the most was that even Dovewing seemed to blame all her problems on other people….oh wait, I’m sorry….they’re cats….I’d better snap out of this Spidey trance.


Actually, getting that point across just reminded me how my sister can be even more like Dovewing than taking the spotlight. But now, on to Ivypool!

So then there’s the issue of the other sister. Not only is she spying on the cats in the Dark Forest, but as that internet meme states, she’s doing it all while her sister cries about pointless relationships that will clearly mean nothing later on in the series! Ivypool may not have superpowers, but she went through a whole lot more than Dovewing and came through every ordeal without as much drama and without becoming a full-blown villain (though the series seemed to treat her like one….especially Jayfeather….Come on, man!!). I admired Ivypool but not the attempts to make her seem evil. She made more tough decisions in one book than Dovewing did in an entire series. For example, while Ivypool was saving cats from their ignorant decisions and also being forced to kill other cats to pretty much save them from perpetual suffering, Dovewing is decided which tom she should choose as her boyfriend. “Let’s see…the one Ivypool also clearly likes….or the one that likes me who- if I dated- would mean there would be less drama…………” guess which one she chose. No offense, Dovewing, but you always seem to be on a quest to ruin your sister’s life.

So maybe I was disappointed by the simplicity of their development and failure to develop a complex sisterly relationship not like one we saw in Frozen…but Dovewing and Ivypool were not the argumentative sisters that I would have imagined…I just wish that the series had less characters, maybe then they would be allowed to develop their characters more emotionally…

Well, that’s it for now! Stay tuned for my next article in which I will be starting a new article series; The Good, the Bad, and the Warriors!

Also, just felt the need to point this out, but did anyone notice that the entire time Dovewing had powers she was like “oh my gosh I wish I was normal!! If only I could be normal!!! Oh please make me normal, I would give anything to just be….normal!!!” and then the second she loses her powers- BAM it’s back to complaining about how imperfect her life is. And not only that, she just SHUTS DOWN!!!
Dovewing can never be satisfied…can she?

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  • Great article, Foxshadow!

    Which reminds me that I should probably get on my article for “What makes a Dark Forest cat bad?” (or the funnier title, “What are the job criteria to be hired in the Dark Forest?”) 😛

  • Awesome article!
    You provided lots of evidence and are confident in your ideas. This has been a pleasant surprise!
    PS: Ivypool is awesome. :3

  • i really agree with this! in short:

    ‘while Flametail fell through the ice and Ivypool was dealing with the most dangerous warriors in the series,Dovewing and Tigerheart were prancing through the woods creating a pointless love triangle’.

  • Now I’m rereading through the series again and I just finished Night Whispers, from TFA to this book they are still apprentices (I think they become warriors in Sign of the Moon….I THINK), so they are still technically kids-teens and having to deal with the pressures of the prophecy (for Dovewing) and the Dark Forest (for Ivypool) while doing regular apprentice duties is hard. Not to mention all the clans are very tense atm and Dove and Ivy see that as normal while the rest of their clan members realize that something bad is coming because they lived when things weren’t as bad, for instance all the medicine cats getting messages that they have to cut ties. Pretty sure that’s never happened before. So both Dove and Ivy have big roles to play as apprentices with huge tasks ahead of them, and from what I’ve reread BOTH of them complain about attention and accusing the other of being jealous of each other. It wasn’t until the end of Night Whispers that Dove, Lion, and Jay tell Ivy about the prophecy and she decides to spy for them. In my opinion, they are both whiney kids (granted it’s been awhile since I’ve read the books past NW, I can’t remember what changed when they were warriors, I’m almost there :P)

    So, in my opinion, I think they are both to blame for complaining. Dove has trouble accepting her powers and complains and Ivy feels that she isn’t important and has to complain. They are both first to blame each other for doing something wrong and have trouble getting along. I think at the moment I prefer Dove to Ivy because it seems like Ivy always has to find a reason to be jealous. For instance, asking why Dove is always getting attention from clan leader, medicine cat, and extra attention from her mentor. Yes that is a big deal but why does she always have to be aggressive when she asks? When they were kits they were so nice to each other but then as apprentices they have to lash out. I just don’t get why Ivy is so mean when she accuses her sister of being special. She acts like nobody likes her, when the clan does like her alot, and says her sister is the center of attention which is blowing things out of proportion. Yes Dove gets extra attention but Ivy has to be so exaggerated when she accuses her sister (maybe seeing Dark Forest cats and aggressive attitudes rubbed off on her…?) Idk. She’s just quick to get angry in my opinion. And she got her wish in the end, wanting to be special and she became a spy for the Dark Forest and helped save the Clans…..

    But Dove doesn’t get off either, her being with Tiger irritated me so much. She should have known better than to try to attempt something so complicated and wrong to the clans when they had a much bigger role to play. I felt like her time with him was a waste of time to the story, she didn’t need to be with him. She shouldn’t have tried to find a mate while she was so young and had to figure out the meaning of the prophecy (for all those arguing about Lion and Cinder, he’s much older than Dove and he knew more than she did. Plus he’s a warrior and not a growing apprentice.)
    Both Dove and Ivy have flaws… Dove can’t see what’s important while Ivy thinks she should be more important.

    Gee I should write an an article here 😛


    • Nice article. I do think Dovewing is a bit whiney, but think, she wants to be normal and then she realizes how good she had it.

  • Cool article, I really agree with your opinion on Ivypool, as she is awesome. I absolutely hate Dovewing, she is such a brat.

  • I guess I share the same opinion 😀 I didn’t really like Dovewing that much, she always seemed too self-absorbed in her own problems. But then again, during the Dark Forest battle, they did show sisterly love towards each other.

  • Yes! I completely understand after reading the article, even if I don’t completely agree.

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