Cadvent Day 20 (2016)

Yuletide is so near I can taste it (although that might just be the mince pies)
Today’s important question – what is your favourite holiday food? Mine is sausage rolls, and home-made pickled onions 🙂

Are you ready for today’s pictures?

Just kidding. Here are the real pictures. ⛄ We have two BlogClan pets today! The first one is Brackenblaze’s dog, Lucy. What a gorgeous girl! And so yule-y in that hat 🙂

Brightpaw found this cute gif. I love a jolly seasonal cartoon.

And here is that beautiful cat again, this time with fairy lights. Thank you, Mistpaw for finding it!

Next we have a supercute holiday kitten looking so snuggly and warm. Wollow, how do you find such fab pictures? Thank you! 🎄

Sleeping Himalayan kitten wearing a Santa hat

Lastly, but not leastly, here is Shockfrost’s cat Pipsqueak, having a nice snooze before the holiday celebrations begin. 🙂 Thank you, Shockfrost. She’s beautiful. 🙂


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