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Breezefire defends Goosefeather

I loved Goosefeater in Bluestar’s Prophecy. He was the weird old crazy cat who went kind of insane.

I don’t think many people really liked or cared about him, but I thought he was a nice addition to the story. But then, Goosefeather’s Curse came along. I no longer like Goosefeather.
One of the main things that appealed to me about Goosefeather was that he wasn’t special. He didn’t have any special powers, or so I thought, and he wasn’t super lovey-dovey with his clanmates either.

He had a slight temper, making him not a super lovable character. Goosefeather was Bluestar’s uncle, not super important. He helped her grow and gave her prophecies, but nobody gave much thought to him. He went kinda crazy and stopped being a good medicine cat near the end of his life. So he slipped the minds of many readers, so he was forgotten and left behind. I was okay with this. He never had any drama and he died after a semi-peaceful life as a medicine cat.

Another thing I liked about Goosefeather was that he wasn’t bestirs with his sister. Yeah, sure, they were siblings, but he wasn’t really destined for a path alongside Moonflower. I found it more relatable than many other siblings in the series and I kind of liked that about it.
Now, onto his powers. I was REALLY mad when I found out about Goosefeather’s powers. It seemed like it was putting justice to the fact that he was a bit crazy and secluded. Couldn’t it just be that this old cat went sort of insane? Why did he need to be justified with the fact that he saw dead cats. I mean, I liked Goosefeather mostly because he was a normal medicine cat. No powers needed. But now he has this sudden power that is not particularly useful and he never uses that often to aid his clan? What? Okay, yeah he saw omens and heard prophecies, but he never seemed like he helped that much in Bluestar’s Prophecy.

He only talked about the prophecy that led to Moonflowers death and some stuff about Thistleclaw and Tigerkit. I was annoyed at the fact that he was given this power and that he couldn’t just be normal. Well, that’s it! I guess I am done ranting about Goosefeather, so bye!

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  • I think that Goosefeather was a great character too! Great article!

  • Personally it makes some sense of his character. Why are his prophecies a bit more pointed than those other cats get, I wondered, and the fact he had powers kind of added a chilling aspect to the prophecies they didn’t have before for me. I like him better now that I understand why he went crazy and why he spent so much time looking for omens and trying to see things. It’s because he COULD see things no one else could see. It makes more sense than your average medicine cat going off the deep end and looking for omens all around because they wouldn’t be used to seeing omens every day, whereas Goosefeather got more visions and saw more omens than most medicine cats. While I understand there are a handful of people who really hated the addition of powers in general, I don’t find them that off-putting. It just adds to the mystery and intrigue of the story and characters to me, and I personally enjoyed getting to see what led Goosefeather down that path to insanity. I didn’t really dislike him before but I didn’t like him, whereas after reading his novella I really like his character a lot more.

  • I love this article. I kind of have the opposite feelings. I didn’t care for Goosefeather during BP but after I read Goosefeather Curse I really grew to like him, and he’s now one of my favorite characters. Great article!

  • The thing with Medicine Cats , and I’ve noticed lately. A lot of them seem to have “powers” that aren’t normal or exceeds the ability of the others.

    Which there is also this statement on the Blog before I’m pretty sure, “It is possible that StarClan has a lot to do with cats being born with the ability to communicate with them, and that they are too wise to have too many talented cats born at once.” Sort of like Goosefeather seeing dead cats (“I see dead cats” – Goosekit)

    For example Jayfeather seeing memories, feeling emotions and being able to walk into other cats dreams (which out of the three, I do wish he kept this power or at least still have the ability, but not as strong), Yellowfang with psychic hyper-empathy, Leafpool with the ability to sense how Squirrelflight is (and vice-versa I think). Now Goosefeather with his spooky power of seeing ghosts and overloading prophecies.

    It could be easy to say there is a lot of other Medicine Cats with unique abilities. Like I’m pretty sure Brambleberry might be one (perhaps with the ability to sense the actions of a cat? Or the ability to sense evil/The Dark Forest on certain cats). Or perhaps others with unique abilities (or real life conditions) such as CIP/Congenital insensitivity to pain (ability to not feel pain, not like Lionblaze, more so they can get hurt and not feel a thing which could be dangerous in the Warrior world… Which I like the idea of Hawkheart having this for some reason), ability to sense when someone is about to die (like they smell death hanging over a certain cat or something and they can perhaps cause the death to be avoided).

    As for Goosefeather, I have read the novella yet, but as for him as a character… Eh. He’s okay, I guess. I sort of liked him in BP, a senile, old Medicine Cat who does more trouble then good? Cool, a bit of a new thing to see. CP I didn’t like him, nope, nope, nope, he was the reason Crookedstar’s broke his jaw in the first place.

    • Anyone noticed how only THUNDERCLAN gets medicine cat with magical prophecy-inducing powers? They also are the only clan that seems to get major prophecies that affect the entire existence of the clans. Btw I loved your take of Goosefeather’s character.

      • That is due to ThunderClan being the main focus majority of the time and is getting attached to them Medicine Cats, those snarky, calm, level-headed, sweet Medicine Cats. But usually that means they get more attention and a reason to be a Medicine Cat, which usually ends up involving powers.

      • Yellowfang got her magical medicine cat powers when she was in ShadowClan. I’m not sure if that counts, as she served as ThunderClan’s medicine cat too, but her powers weren’t really mentioned or featured there, and they were a big part of her medicine cat career in ShadowClan.

  • The picture you used for this article is sooo funny 😂 😹😹😹😹😹

  • Personally, I liked Goosefeather’s Curse. I don’t really think giving him a power was justified, but it worked and it was a decent reason to go insane. I mean, I wouldn’t be too happy seeing dead people walking around XD (I swear there was a movie about a guy like that at some point, but off-topic)

    Interesting article!

  • As quoted by Iforgotyourname many moons ago:
    “Either Kate modded this, or Jayie reformed from her Goosefeather hate.”

    • Just because I don’t like Goosefeather doesn’t mean I would censor someone’s article about why they like him. 😛 I’m not that petty.

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