Some things i agree with in warriors.. by Kindheart

Kindheart remembers many cats from Warriors

hello blogclan!!! so today this is basically an article where i list some important things that i found/wrote/agree with! here they are!!

  • I’ll remember Brightheart…When I see a scar on someone’s face
  • I will think of WindClan…Every time I win a race.
  • I’ll remember Goosefeather…When nobody believes me
  • I’ll remember Scourge…When someone’s teased for being tiny
  • I’ll remember Heathertail…When someone wants to be ‘just friends’
  • I will think of StarClan…When I am near the end
  • I’ll remember Leafpool…When I must follow my heart
  • I’ll remember Hollyleaf…If I ever fall apart
  • I’ll remember Brambleclaw…When I must prove myself.
  • I’ll remember Spottedleaf…When I’m suffering from bad health
  • I’ll remember Lionblaze…When I am feeling strong
  • I’ll remember Tigerstar…If I choose the path that’s wrong
  • I’ll remember Dovewing…When I hear of something far away
  • I’ll remember Cloudtail…When a kitten catches their first prey
  • I’ll remember Feathertail…Whenever I must be brave
  • I’ll remember The Tribe…When I’m in a cave
  • I’ll remember Ashfur…When somebody breaks my heart
  • I’ll remember Barley…When me and my siblings are far apart
  • I’ll remember Ivypool…When I try to be the best
  • I’ll remember Gray Wing when i have everything i love and love everything i have.
  • I’ll remember Firestar…When my loyalty’s put to the test
  • I’ll remember the many battles…When I see conflict or strife

I promise to remember all of these cats…
For the rest of my life
70% of the world think that Warrior Cats are pointless, 25% just don’t care. comment if you are part of that 5% that would smack those other people with a hard cover warrior cats book screaming-“StarClan seeks revenge!!!”

2.Warrior cats is love, life, and a really amazing book series!

3. in warriors there is the following
and people say that warrior cats is pointless and is nothing like real life. yet looking at this list i can only imagen how many i have seen or heard off…

4.hungry belly’s make angry hearts so does that mean their hangry? (the boss reference)

so that was the end of that article… yeah not sure what i was doing… just needed to get that off my chest.*licks chest fur to hide awkwardness* so yeah i guess this is the end of this article comment on your quotes or words you agree about warriors! i’d love to know. also tell me if you agree with the above! until the next article cyo! 😉
P.S this articles shout out goes to erin hunter DUH

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