My Top Ten Hated Warrior Cat Couples! by Fallensoul

Fallensoul’s first article about couples

Heyo BlogClan! I’m new to this, so hopefully my first article is good, aha. Anyway, onto the content!

So, as you all know, Warrior Cats is full of ships..most of those ships are amazing, most of those ships are eh, and most of those ships are just ones that make you wonder how it even became a thing. So, today, I’m here to explain my top ten hated warrior cat couples, in my opinion. Remember, these are my opinion, so if there are any on this list that you actually love, please don’t bash. Alright, onto the first one.

1. Moonflower and Stormtail
Well, of course I’m going to start off this list with Bluestar and Snowfur’s parents, because I just couldn’t stand them. I mean, they were adorable as apprentices, both mooning over each other. But then when they became mates? Stormtail just left her in the dust to chase after Dappletail – with no logical reasoning. It’s like, you get with the man of your dreams, and he basically says “hey, you’re beautiful but i’m going to go chase after that cuter girl alright?”! It makes no sense, to me anyway. Like, if he was so lovestruck with Dappletail, he could’ve just kindly broken it off with Moonflower to pursue her. Anyway, I’m getting off track…whoops. Anyway! Then he out of nowhere gets her pregnant..and doesn’t even have the nerve to be around her during the pregnancy ((correct me if I’m wrong here, I haven’t read the books in a while ^^)) and birth, and then the first time he comes around to see his family? The scene just infuriated me. He was so awkward, and he acted like he didn’t even want to be there. He barely talked much, and then he has the nerve to just say that they look better with their eyes open and GRUDGINGLY remark that they’ll be great warriors? He just made me mad. Now sure, as soon as his kits became apprentices he became more of a father towards them, but during the Windclan Medicine Raid, which is what I’m now calling it, what is he doing? He’s off helping his little crush, Dappletail. I get it, he wants to help out a clanmate, but he should have been with his mate, helping her out instead! Anybody could have assisted Dappletail, Moonflower got killed because she was fighting Hawkheart by herself. Imagine what could have happened in the series if Moonflower HADN’T died? Anyway, he doesn’t even notice his mate is dead! I just…He just never seemed like much of a good cat to me. Now sure, he became closer with Bluestar, especially after Snowfur’s death ((I will admit, the little motivational talk he had with her after her death was cute)), but he never once seemed to TRULY care for Moonflower. If he truly cared for her he could’ve possibly saved her and the whole future of Warriors could’ve been altered in a good way. That’s why this ship is at the top of my list; he was just never a good candidate, and I felt like the whole time he was with her he just wanted to make her miserable by going behind her back and chasing after Dappletail. In my opinion, Sunstar and Moonflower would’ve been much, much cuter, and better, because Sunstar cared for Moonflower more then Stormtail ever would. Alright, onto the next ship!

2. Silverstream and Graystripe
I can already tell I’m going to get a lot of hate for this one, but please, don’t bash, this is just my opinion. Alright, so how did this happen? Graystripe and Fireheart went onto Riverclan territory with their apprentices ((Why were they there in the first place?? Doesn’t it technically count as trespassing? Even if Cinderpaw had to run off like that)), Cinderpaw ran off to the frozen river, Graystripe follows her, chases a water vole and falls into the water because the ice breaks. Who’s there to save him? Not Fireheart, like you would expect, no – a Riverclan she cat, Silverstream. Then out of nowhere he goes gaga for her? Like, I get that you would be thankful that she saved your life, and I get that she was probably gorgeous, but that was just so out of the blue, plus it was against the Warrior code. Even Crookedstar, Silverstream’s own FATHER, was telling her it was wrong, and yet she didn’t listen to him. I’m sorry, but this couple just seemed so undeniably rushed, and it had very little development. The only good thing that came from this, in my opinion, is their kits, yes I’m a Stormfur x Brook shipper. Otherwise, I ship Graystripe and Millie more then this poorly made ship.

3. Briarlight and Jayfeather
Okay, how did this become a thing in the first place? Briarlight spends all her time in the medicine cat den, and somehow this becomes a thing? Well let me explain this out as logically as I can. Briarlight is a warrior who’s paralyzed from her lower back down. Jayfeather is a blind medicine cat. It’s against the Medicine Cat code and the Warrior code, two separate codes! It would’ve created so much unnecessary drama and it could’ve seriously altered the plotline if they had become mates. In my opinion, Jay and Briar never would’ve worked out. It’s breaking the Medicine Cat code, something that Jayfeather has devoted his life to, and although his mother is Leafpool, I know he wouldn’t be like her. It just never would become a canon thing, and if it ever did, it would be pretty messed up to say the least…although I would be kind of intrigued to see how badly it could alter the plot of the series and how much drama it could bring up.

4. Yellowfang and Raggedstar
Alright, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Yellowfang. She’s one of my favorite characters, but.. This ship? Really? Alright, let me explain. Raggedstar is an arrogant little piece of foxfood who never even once truly cared for Yellowfang. Yellowfang was gaga over him as an apprentice, but all he ever did was brush her to the side like a piece of prey! He ignored her most of the time, too. This little crowface even went as far as to flirt with Foxheart in front of Yellowfang, which I’m sure broke her heart over and over again. Then somehow they become mates after a lot of arguments and lots of flirting from their apprenticeship? Uh..okay then. Then he gets her pregnant with his kits, and the first thing he says to her after she announces it to him? Oh, no, not “Oh wow! That’s great!” or some cliche cute compliment like you would wish to expect, no. Not at all. What he says? “We have nothing to say to each other.” Who does that, and to their pregnant mate? And then he turns around and goes “Oh! They’re going to be MY kits! They’ll be leaders and deputies and queens and warriors!” Like, what the furballs? You don’t just act like THAT much of a foxheart to your PREGNANT MATE. If I was in Yellowfang’s pawsteps, honestly, I would have smacked him so hard…or I would’ve just outright left him. But yet she continued to be with him. Just…Really, Raggedstar, REALLY? You didn’t even deserve to have Yellowfang OR Brokentail as your family. Foxheart would’ve been a much more suitable match to your egotistical, foxheart self — Whoops, I’m getting off track again. Anyway! Then, as soon as Brokenkit is born? Just, BYE BYE YELLOWFANG!! He cut her right out of the picture like a photo editor would to someone who got caught in the photograph on accident. The only romance that was ever shown between these two were the times Raggedstar was distracting Yellowfang .. or something .. Anyway, there was never any true romance between them, and the only chemistry they had was never affectionate, showing it was never a true romantic relationship. Honestly, Yellowfang deserved NONE of what she got; a foxbitten piece of crowfood for a mate, and literally a MONSTER for a kit…just, she never deserved it. I can honestly sympathize with Yellowfang for what she’s gone through, and she will always be one of my favorite characters. Alright, anyways, onto the next ship!

5. Heatherpaw/tail and Lionpaw/blaze
This one, just…this one. This one gets so on my nerves. I mean, sure, the moments in the tunnels as apprentices were sort of cute, with Heather and Lion being the playful little apprentices that they are. But..just, great Starclan where do I begin. Lionblaze chooses his clan over her and what does she do? She acts like an immature little rat about it! Honestly Heathertail is just a little weasel who can’t learn to take choices and understand. She got completely maddened over the fact that Lionblaze thought his clan was more important than an apprentice crush! She needs to learn to stop, think, and actually understand choices. And the last scene between them in Long Shadows? That infuriated me to no end. She really had no right to just bring up that Lionblaze was the kin of Tigerstar, did she? I mean sure, Lionblaze may have kind of slightly kinda harassed her, but she just had no right to compare him to Tigerstar who was FAR more evil then what was imaginable. She’s just a spoiled little brat who thinks she’s so perfect! And honestly, in my opinion as well, she didn’t deserve to get with Breezepelt. I mean, I understand that both of them kind of liked each other because they both had slightly kind of bad backstories ((Breezepelt’s backstory was definitely way worse then Heather)), but still, I feel like she didn’t deserve to become mates with Breezepelt and have his kits. It just felt wrong. In my opinion Heathertail deserved to be alone for how much of a foxbitten little rat she was the entire series.

6. Leafpool and Crowfeather
Alright, admit it. Crowfeather is a cat-hoarder ((Can’t swear on here, whoops ^^)). I don’t like any of his ships. But out of them, LeafxCrow just…I NEVER liked it. So basically they meet as apprentices and Crow saves Leaf from falling off a cliff to her death ONE time ((Correct me here if I’m wrong, again, I haven’t read the books in a while)), and then Leaf just goes gaga for him? Okay then. They become mates, and are meeting in secret. Why is this such a problem? It’s against the diddly-darn Medicine Cat code, Leaf! You can’t just be disobeying your clan like this! Regardless they meet up for several moons until they suddenly run away together and pull a BlueOak (minus the making of the kits, of course) until Midnight warns her about her kin attacking Thunderclan. She tells Crow she can’t be with him anymore, blah blah blah her clan is more important, and she gets back to Thunderclan, too late to save Cinderpelt though – which, I will admit, infuriated me. Cinderpelt was definitely another one of my favorite characters, and to have her killed off when Leaf was absent just hurt me so much because she went out so bravely. Leafpool honestly should have been there, she could have saved her and maybe the Warriors plotline of the series would have been significantly altered. Alright, anyway! They’re no longer mates, yet suddenly, somehow, out of the blue Leafpool becomes pregnant with the Three (despite Hollyleaf not being in the prophecy which wouldn’t make her part of the Three…)? Okay then. Crowfeather never gives a single flying furball about his kits he made with Leaf, not once acknowledging them as part of his family and being such a foxheart to them! I just never ONCE liked ANY part of this ship, and it never was a good idea to begin with. If Leafpool had just not fallen in love with him, the Three never could have happened, and thus the Warriors plotline could have altered in possibly a good way. LeafxCrow just created way too much drama and it was overall just not a great ship and I just despised every second of it. In my opinion, Crowfeather never deserved any of his three mates (technically two because he never truly cared about Nightcloud) and he deserved to rot in the Dark Forest for how much of an arrogant foxheart he was. Even though Crow did become better after a little while in a way, I still believe he was a horrible cat. Although, this is all just my opinion, so don’t mind me much.

7. Nightcloud and Crowfeather
Like I have described above, Crowfeather never deserved this and neither did Nightcloud. Like, why was it a thing? Let me explain why I hate it. Okay, so Nightcloud and Crowfeather randomly became mates after Crow broke it off with Leaf, and for what purpose? Oh, no, not because they liked each other or anything, naah – because Crow needed to “prove his loyalty” to Windclan. Like, what kind of an excuse is that? What else do they expect him to do, can’t they just have him catch a couple rabbits or something? Anyway he randomly becomes mates with her and has a single kit, Breezekit. Buuut he treats both of them like dirt! He outright ignores his son who he should be caring for because he created him, which makes Nightcloud develop a narcissistic-like obsession over her son! It also causes her to put the most mousebrained ideas into her son’s head, like his father not loving him ((which Crowfeather confirmed was just a mousebrained idea at some point in one of the books, I don’t remember)). All throughout the books though, Crowfeather is seen acting very…well, unmatelike to his mate, like when he’s about to leave for the journey and Nightcloud is about to press noses with him, he moves away from her. And then on the journey? He never once actually compliments Breezepaw and tries to be as distant from him as possible, it seems. Like, Breezepaw catches a huge rabbit, hoping to impress his father, but what does the arrogant little piece of dirt do? He compliments Lionpaw on a pigeon instead of his own son ((Not saying complimenting his son with Leaf was wrong, but just..Breeze deserved attention))! Like, what kind of father purposely compliments their other litter instead of the son they apparently had with their random mate to prove their loyalty to their clan? Obviously a bad one. Anyway, I can almost guess Breezepaw was feeling pretty miserable on that trip. And then when Breezepelt and Lionblaze fight over a thrush in another one of the books? He WATCHES. No, he doesn’t interfere, he just watches. The only moment Crowfeather breaks up the fight is when Breezepelt drags Leafpool into it! The sad thing is, Nightcloud was there to see that, too! She was probably feeling heartbroken internally seeing how Crowfeather only broke up the fight because his ex-mate got involved, not because of his son. If he hadn’t interfered Leafpool probably could have been killed, which I kind of would of liked to be honest. And when Nightcloud drags Crowfeather away in anger and jealousy? He rounds on her, ready to attack her! My point is, all throughout the books there have been scenes were Crowfeather acted like a totally rotten furball. I can sympathize somewhat with Breezepelt and Nightcloud because of it all, but did that give them reasons to become spoiled, rotten foxbrains? No, not really. Anyway, I just really despised this ship. Nightcloud deserved so much better, as did Breezepelt. Anyway, onto the next ship.

8. Ivypool and Hawkfrost
Okay, what the…WHY? Why in the world do people ship this? But, alright, here we go. Ivypaw begins to train in the Dark Forest because she’s a jealous little fluffball who just wants attention *coughs* anyway.. She trains in secret during the night with Hawkfrost and wakes up with bleeding scratches, which makes Dovepaw suspicious. Eventually her suspicions are confirmed and..blah blah blah. Then during a training session she’s ordered to kill Flametail, who stumbled upon the Dark Forest. She’s literally forced, too. Thankfully Tigerheart’s over there to stop her. Then in another training session she watches as Thistleclaw beats the crap outta Antpelt, killing him for the second time. I imagine that would be at least somewhat scarring, watching a cat being clawed up to death? Later on Tigerheart becomes hostile towards Ivypool for almost killing Flametail’s soul in the last book, and is blaming her? Excuse me but she didn’t exactly WANT to, the Dark Forest kitties forced her to, you can’t exactly just blame her for it! And then he has the nerve to tell Dovewing that her sister isn’t who she thinks she is? He just got on my nerves a lot. Whoops, I’m getting off track yet again. Anyway, back onto IvyxHawk. Ivypool saves Blossomfall from being possibly killed in a Dark Forest training session, which I admit, I’ll view as pretty noble considering how darn corrupted Dark Forest cats are. Okay, back onto the ship. I just want to ask you all a question — WHY or HOW did this become a ship? Sure they trained together in the beginning but after that I don’t recall hearing much of Hawkfrost after, and plus Hawkfrost murdered Hollyleaf in The Last Hope, so I see no reason as to why Ivypool would love him when he did that. Plus Hawkfrost always only saw Ivypool as a daughter, nothing more. It was always a platonic relationship, no romance in any way was involved. So please, just stop shipping it. It never would have worked out even if it was a ship — I mean, how the heck would you balance a love with a Dark Forest cat for Starclan sake! I just don’t see how it could work out if it was canon in any way. So please, just quit it. Again though, this is my opinion, so you have free shipping rights but just, understand this reasoning. Anyway, onto the next ship.

9. Poppyfrost and Berrynose
I, just..why? Okay, okay, before all you PoppyBerry shippers get enraged at me, let me explain. Berrynose and Honeyfern were mates, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t hardcore ship it all the way. In all honesty, I would’ve loved to see Honeyfern live on and have HoneyBerry ship kits. Imagine how cute they would have been! Whoops, and yet again I’m getting off track. Anyway! Honeyfern sacrifices to save Briarkit, and the last HoneyBerry scene, oh man. I’ll admit, it brought up a way ton of emotions and it was just so heartwrenching. Emotion overload! Anyways, after her death and after Berrynose gets over his devastation, what does he do? He doesn’t try to keep her in his memory, he doesn’t try to remember her much in a lot of ways — nope. He becomes mates with her sister, Poppyfrost. How messed up is that, becoming mates with your dead ex-mate’s sister? It’s pretty messed up. And I know Honeyfern approved of it, but I just felt like she didn’t really deserve that. Anyway, then he gets her pregnant with his kits. He literally makes kits, with his dead ex-mate’s sister! Still messed up, in my opinion. Then they have Molewhisker and Cherryfall, who in my opinion are pretty meh characters from where I’ve read ((I haven’t read much of them though, so, time to re-read the books at some point!)). And I know, I know, Berrynose is a great father and what not, but it just seems messed up that he would suddenly become mates with his ex-mate’s sister. It just seems kind of twisted. Like, put yourself in Honeyfern’s pawsteps. How do you think she TRULY felt about the situation? I know she approved, but there had to be some small part of her that was like “that’s kind of twisted though..” So overall, I just don’t ship it. I’m sorry, but HoneyxBerry was a lot better in my opinion and I liked it way better. It’s sad Honey had to go out so soon, I would have loved to see her and Berry start a family. Anyway, onto the final ship of this list.

10. Daisy and Spiderleg
Okay, I know that there are a TON of more ships that could’ve been put at number ten, but I definitely chose this ship for a REASON. Allow me to explain. So I know Spiderleg was in the first litter of Ferncloud and Dustpelt, and I get it. Then when they had their other litters, they pushed him aside pretty much. I understand. But does that really give him a reason to be such a horrible father? N O. So when Daisy comes to the clan, he seems to be kind of, well, meh-ish around her. Then randomly out of the blue they become mates? I…Okay then. Although it doesn’t make any sort of sense, since Spiderleg has never once shown real affection for her. He mostly pushed her to the side. Then out of nowhere he gets Daisy pregnant with HIS kits? Mhm. And what’s his reaction? He doesn’t have much of one! The least he could do is be happy for once that he’s actually becoming something more then a mentor with parent issues. Like for Starclan’s sake, you got her a litter, at least care for them. Countless times, too, I believe it’s been written that he and Daisy have argued with Leafpool, and one time when Spiderleg was sick he refused to let Daisy get him prey. Like, my Starclan, Spiderleg, do you have to be such a foxheart? Then when she has his kits, Rosekit and Toadkit, what does he do? He avoids them. He doesn’t visit them, he doesn’t, yknow, help train them to become good warriors, nope. He just practically ditches them. Leafpool even gave him a talk about this because he was so bad! Now I’m not saying he’s like Rainflower bad, but he was still a pretty darn bad parent and I don’t believe he deserved to get with Daisy in the first place. Speaking of which, their relationship was totally random and out of the blue — no mooning, no crush, no nothing, just suddenly their mates. It’s like Gray and Silver; absolutely no development and no reason for it. I believe Daisy deserved better then Spiderleg, and I believe Rosepetal and Toadstep deserved a better parent — one that would actually help care for them. This is why I have put them pretty low on the list; while they’re bad, they’re not TOO bad.

So anyway, this wraps up the list of my top ten hated warrior cat ships ((in my opinion, of course)). If there are any that you agree with, or disagree with, don’t be scared to drop a comment below! I’d love to discuss more on this. Also, maybe tell me if this was a good idea for a first article and if I did good? Feedback would definitely be appreciated! ^^ Also, do maybe tell me if you’d like a part two, or if you’d like to see my top ten FAVORITE warrior cat ships next! :3

Also, quickly, I should put in some honorable–or well, dishonorable–mentions, because there were just SOO many ships, and it was quite the hard choice to choose from. So I’m going to quickly list some other ships that didn’t make it to this list, but might possibly be featured on a part two!
Honorable Mentions;
Bluestar and Oakheart
Snowfur and Thistleclaw
Mapleshade and Appledusk ((yes, these two))
Squirrelflight and Ashfur ((like, why was this even made a possibility?))
Willowpelt and Patchpelt ((Incest…really, Erin? just…sigh.))
Dovewing and Tigerheart ((They created a pointless love triangle, and I just never shipped it..))
Spottedleaf and Firestar ((cringes.))
Rainflower and Shellheart ((I never just really shipped them even if they did make one of my favorite characters.))

Anyway, that’s all for this time. Do remember to tell me if you want to see a part two on this topic, or another topic, or anything! Peace out, BlogClan!

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  • Actually raggedstar did care and he didn’t flirt with foxheart it was the opposite he was pretty uncomfortable around foxheart. Sometimes.on to the Greystripe one, well they weren’t on river’clan territory it was sunning rocks wich was thunderclans when that happened also we actually don’t know how much it developed we don’t know how long they have been meeting up and if it was rushed or not so…

  • This is AWESOMAZING Fallensoul!!! (A word I created😝) Such detailed explanation! I kinda all agree with you, except for Hawkpool, I really respect your opinions, don’t get me wrong, just because I adore Hawkpool doesn’t mean your article isn’t FANTABULOUS!!! (Another silly word I created😜) Hawk X Ivy totally DOES NOT deserve all the hate in the fandom, they got hated so much that it HURTS! I don’t know why anyone would hate it!

  • Omg finally someone can agree on how the silverstream and graystripe ship just wasn’t good like silverstream helps him once and then all of a sudden there mates???Like its undeveloped and was so rushed..

  • briarlight and jayfetaher is one of the best ship honestly, and i don’t think thats a good reason to hate that ship, also you pretty much hate every kind of ship in the books. This is almost every existing ship that i know so far. but i hate the jayfeather x halfmoon ship. briarlight is much better. i also think male medicine cats should have mates. theres a reason but its a very long reason and i’ve said a lot already. but jayfeather x briarlight is amazing. but this is just my opinion.

  • Honestly, i love JayXBriar, LeafXCrow, and GrayXSilver, but with LeafXCrow it was actually quite developed. Leafpool started liking him on the journey to the lake but pushed her feelings away bc of the med code. Then crow saves her and she finds out he likes her too and they start meeting and slowly get closer until they agree to leave

    • I know, I really like that couple even more than Millie and Graystripe, Millie wasn’t even taking care of all her kits, it was just Briarlight, Briarlight, Briarlight all the way!

    • I know, I really like that couple even more than Millie and Graystripe, Millie wasn’t even taking care of all her kits, it was just Briarlight, Briarlight, Briarlight all the way!

    • Storm tail is so mean, He left Moonflower to jest drag in the dust! I hope he isn’t in Starclan cos’ He deserve to be in the Dark Forest for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡

  • Storm tail is so mean, He left Moonflower to jest drag in the dust! I hope he isn’t in Starclan cos’ He deserve to be in the Dark Forest for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡

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