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Top 10 Underrated Warriors by Ebonygaze

Ebonygaze explores some cats who don’t get as much positive attention as they deserve

Hello everyone! Ebonygaze here discussing my picks for The Top 10 most underrated warriors. Please remember that these are my opinions, so plase don’t bash on them. I’m also gonna put a spoiler alert here. Anyway, let’s start the list!

10. Russetfur

Russetfur is my 2nd favorite Warriors character of all time. She may have been a minor character, but she’s still great. I cried for like an hour when she died, and watching that lazy excuse of a cat Rowanclaw become leader instead of Russetfur. Seriously Blackstar, why not chose Tawnypelt?

9. Shadowstar

Another one of my favorites and my favorite leader, Shadowstar was a great leader. I always enjoyed her moments, and was sad when her POV was edited out. I really can’t wait to see more of her. She deserves more love.


I never saw why she was so hated. People hating her just because she had 7 kits? Come one people. She’s not a bad character.

7. Runningwind

Runningwind, a character that is likeable for no reason at all. I honestly have no idea why he’s so awesome. He just is. I cried a lot when he died.

6. Sunstar

Sunstar was like a father to Bluestar. He was a great mentor and leader, even though he only had 8 lives.


Briarlight was a sweetheart. She didn’t complain about being crippled. She found her purpose which was being good with kits. She may never be a queen or a true warrior, but she’s still a cat with a purpose.


Many people may think she’s annoying, but I never really found her to be. Sure, she may be a Mary Sue, but not that much. She doesn’t even have Lionblaze’s “I’M INVINCIBLE!!!” powers. She’s not that bad.

3. Daisy

Basically like Ferncloud. Hated because she had many kits, and hated for being a worrier.

2. Hawkheart

A cat comes up and and tries to destroy hard work of medicine supplies. Do you A. Defend your supplies? Or B. Let them destroy it?
Seriously, the Warrior Code stats “A death of a cat is not needed for victory, unless for self defense”. Hawkheart was doing the right thing. In Yellowfang’s Secret, Hawkheart was very kind to Yellowfang. Plus, Moonflower was a jerk.

And Number 1…


There are many reasons to why I like her. She was a sweetheart who really cared for her kits. Of course she’d be mad at Blossomfall for almost killing herself when Briarlight was permanently injured. I’d be too. Plus, Blossomfall has a great father, a brother who understands her when Dovewing broke up with him, and a sister to talk to. I really hope Blossomfall gets a mate (Anyone thinking Thornclaw?).
And don’t forget Millie saved Graystripe’s life many times.

So that was my opinion on my Top 10 underrated Warriors. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion, just don’t be rude.

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  • I liked Hawkheart too, and I agree with him attacking Moonflower after she tried destroying his herbs, but he went too far. I would understand injuries that resulted in an “And don’t come back again!” but killing was not necessary. Plus, it was also unnecessary to later taunt Bluepaw about it.

    The way he was portrayed in Bluestar’s Prophecy, in my opinion, was a little poor, and he was much more enjoyable in the other books.

    Russetfur was okay, but I’m still annoyed with how she just casually watched a struggling kit, offering no aid.

    And Ferncloud, oh my goodness, I agree. People need to stop hating on her just for having so many kits– first of all, only one of them is still living today. Almost half of them died before apprenticehood. Yeesh! Nobody got mad at Sorreltail for having six kits (half of which died as well).

  • How is Moonflower a jerk? Hawkheart is the jerk. I understand he was trying to defend his supplies, but he went too far. And everyone seems to forget how he gloats to Bluepaw after killing her mother. That’s just sick.

    Also ShadowClan would not be a nicer clan if Russetfur became leader. She was very aggressive. Also everyone also seems to forget that she just watches as Berrykit is trapped in the fox trap, and then when confronted that the warrior code says to help all kits in need, she says that he was a kittypet and not a clan cat, which some how gave her the right to just watch and see what happens? Berrykit could have died if ThunderClan showed up.

  • This is why I like Millie. She was awesome in “Graystripe’s Adventure” and I don’t believe she was quite as bad a mother as people assume she is from a few scenes that weren’t in her POV.

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