My Top 5 Favorite Characters by Dawnpaw

Dawnpaw discusses some great cats in Warriors

I am new to BlogClan and I hope you accept me but I guess I’ll get to the point.

Hoi guys I’m Dawnpaw! This is my first time doing this so hope you line it! I’m here to tell you about my top 5 favorite cats with explinations!

#5: Tigerheart. I like Tigerheart because well his mother named him ‘Tiger’ because she wanted him to be what she wanted Tigerstar (sorry for the spoiler) and I just don’t why people dislike him he just seems so sweet.

#4: Scrouge. PLS DON’T HATE ME FOR THIS. If you read HIS side of the story you would know why. In his manga, ( spoiler waning)he was the runt in his litter, his brother and sister mistreated him because of this. They would always make fun of him. One day they were playing in a bush and Tiny (his name before Scourage) was playing hide and seek with them. They hid in a shadow and came out and scared him. They got cought and time later, he got through the fence and padded into the forest, at the wrong time because Bluefur, Thistleclaw, and Tigerpaw were out, and Tigerpaw tought Tiny a lesson, tearing his bell off and leaving him with wounds. Tiny then left the forest and laid down at the fence where it started raining. His mother then saw his blood and thoght he was dead. Tiny made his way to an ally where he was taunted. There was an old dog that got up and left a tooth behind and tried to use that to get his collar off but it just got stuck. He went back to the ally cats and they asked what happened and he said he killed a dog and put its tooth in his collar and stared being respected. He created BloodClan because he liked being at the top an not the bottom. Oh wow well that was just a summary of the book, i left almost half of it out.

#3: Dovewing. Dovewing was ranked like this (tired after the Scourge summary) because ofher struggles. Dovewing, if you didn’t know has troubles with Tigerheart and Bumblestripe. And after the battle (spoiler) she loses her super hearing and well thats just all but most people don’t really like her.

#2: Tallstar. After reading Tallstar’s Revenge, Tallstar has been one of my favorite characters. (Spoiler) When his father, Sandgorge drowned in a tunnel flooding, he told Talltail to run. Talltail refused at first then obayed. When he returned to the surface, his mother asked where Sandgorge was. Talltail told his mother that he was dead and his mother blamed Sandgorge’s death on Talltail. This hurt me. Talltail then became deputy and a cat got sick but the herb that was needed was in RiverClan. Talltail then ran over to Riverclan and got the herb after explaining and ran back to WindClan, saving the cat’s life. That was hardly the book but you get the point.

#1: Crookedatar!! (Spoiler) Crookedstar’s Promise made me cry. Crookedstar was born with the name of Stormkit. He and his brother, Oakkit, saw Goosefeather gathering herbs on Sunningrocks
and went to go challange him.
Goosefeather scared the two kits off where Stormkit broke his jaw on a stepping stone when Mapleshade it wasn’t his time to join StarClan yet. An elder then pulled him out of the river and took him to the Medicane Cat’s den. After moons of recovery, Rainflower visited and Brambleberry told her that he could return to the nursery and Rainflower aksed if there was anything she could do to make him better. That day, no cat was staring at him, they were staring at his jaw. He padded over to the river to see his face all twisted. After awarkward eating, Stormkit went to the nursery to find that he had his own nest and Sellheart, his father was triggered about this.

Rainflower told Shellheart that he was most likely used to his own nest and confirmed that he would be Crookedkit. After becoming Crookedkit, the kits became apprentices and the two queens went back to the warrior’s den. Crookedkit was left all alone in the nursery and hated by his mother. He stared to train with Mapleshade in the Dark Forest thinking it was StarClan. One day, he wanted to help the apprentices clean the elder’s den but they pushed him away. He asked if he could go out of the camp with a hunting patrol but they rejected him due to him still being a kit. Brambleberry asked if he wanted to sort herbs with him but he snapped that he was going to be a warrior. When he became a warrior he became a warrior he got the name Crookedjaw. His father died and there was a dog in the territory and he had to choose between his mother (who ended up hitting her head on a rock and dying which then he was blamed by Oakheart for her death. He soon took Willowbreeze as a mate who had greencough while kitting and Silverkit survived, and Willowbreeze died. Later on in the book he became Crookedstar. And then later Silverstream died giving birth to Grayatripe’s kits. After that Crookedstar lost everything. Later, his life.

Well there you have it my top 5 favorite cats. See you around?

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  • I rather like Tallstar, yes. And Crookedstar is definitely one of my favorite characters. I liked him as RiverClan’s leader, and then his super edition broke my heart into tiny pieces and made me love him <3 I could go on for a VERY long time if I were to list all my favorite characters. There are too many to be counted.

  • I am new to BlogClan and want to start an article. Which page do you go to? Also, I am looking for a clan to join. Anyone want an apprentice in their secret pages?

    • If you go to the “New Member” tab on the navigation bar (I don’t know what else to call it) and click on it, a set of other things will appear. Click on the one about Fan Articles and it should take you to that page, which is about how to write and submit articles.
      Hope this helped. 🙂

  • My personal favs.
    1. Leafpool
    2. Ferncloud
    3. Hollyleaf
    4. Twigpaw
    5. Squirrlflight

  • My favs!

    1. Leafpool
    2. Hawkwing
    3. Ivypool
    4. Jayfeather
    5. Dovewing
    6. Squirrelflight

    My non-favs:

    1. Ashfur (He tried to kill four of my top favorites)
    2. Berrynose (I just really don’t like him that much..)
    3. Bumblestripe (He tries way too hard to win Dovewing’s heart. You don’t “win” love, you earn it. And I totally ship TigerXDove))

  • Tigerheart: No no no.
    Scourge: Cool character.
    Dovewing: Too perfect. Yes, she has troubles but they are acute compared to Ivypool’s.
    Tallstar: Better than Onestar for sure.
    Crookedstar: I don’t really have an opinion on him. I only read about him in the main book series. He’s so unlucky!

  • My Fav Characters (not in order)
    -Tall Shadow
    -Wind Runner