Top 5 AVoS character predictions by Aurahunter

Aurahunter describes some great characters in AVoS and predictions about them

Hi there, BlogClan! Aura here.
So here’s my first post and I’ve chosen to tell you about some thoughts that have spooked around in my head since I’ve finished “Thunder and Shadow”. I’ve speculated a bit about certain charakters and which roles they might play in the “A vision of shadows” arc.
And here are my Top 5.
Please remember that these are only my own predictions and if you have any own ideas or find any flaws in my theories, please feel free to tell me in the comments. I also have to warn that it might get a bit nerdy, but that’s due to the fact that I am a nerd myself!

Please note that this post will contain some information from “Firestars Quest”, “Eclipse”, “The forgotten warrior”, the “SkyClan and the stranger” arc, “Bramblestar’s Storm”, “The apprentices quest”, “Thunder and Shadow” and even some speculation for “Hawkwings Journey”.
If you don’t want to be spoilered for these books, simply don’t read my article yet!

#5 Alderheart
Well, Alderheart is a very obvious choice or this list. I mean he’s the main protagonist of “The apprentices quest” and one of them in “Thunder and Shadow”!

He had a vision about SkyClan which was the reason for him to go on his journey in „The apprentices Quest“
But have you ever asked why he was the one recieving this vision? Leafpool and Jayfeather are medicine cats too and both show a strong connection with StarClan! Why would Firestar decide to tell Alderpaw, the young, unexperieced medicine cat apprentice with so little self-confidence?
If you remember Leafstars leader ceremony in “Firestars Quest” you may remember Cloudstars kids, Gorseclaw & Spottedpelt, who were too young to travel out of the forest when SkyClan was driven out. ThunderClan’s medicine cat, Kestrelwing, offered them and their mother Palebird a place in his clan and their mother accepted. Firestar notes thatGorseclaw looks exactly like Tigerstar and Spottedpelt like Spottedleaf.
If we concider that these two are in fact SkyClan relatives this means that Alderheart also has SkyClan blood from both his father Bramblestar and his mother Squirrelflight (because Sandstorms father Redtail is Spottedleafs brother).
You could say that Leafpool and Jayfeather are too since Sandstorm is also Leafpools mother, but since Sandstorms relation to Redtail isn’t mentioned in the books and even the Erins aren’t sure of that, I won’t count it.
(Random Calculation: When you take a calculator and Alderhearts family tree you see that he’d be 3 / (16 x [number of missing generations between Gorseclaw & Spottedpelt and Tigerstar & Spottedleaf/Redtail]) SkyClan. Leafpool would only be 1 / (8 (or 2/16) x [missing generations]) and Jayfeather 1 / (16 x [missing generations]). So he’s the closest one of them to SkyClan anyway.)
Since Firestar knows about this, Alderheart, as a young, open-minded cat who is a distant SkyClan relative with a connection to StarClan, seems to be the logical choice to tell about SkyClan’s need for help.

#4 Darktail & Sol
So it seems like our main antagonist for this season is the rougues leader Darktail.
He ist first seen in the gorge where he has driven out SkyClan by attacking them at night, because then they had no help from their daylight warriors and were more vulnerable.
After that, in „Thunder and Shadow“ he follows the trail of Alderpaw’s group back to the lake and his group takes over ShadowClan with the help of their own apprentices.
He is a strong fighter, able to kill Onestar once, and his actions show that he’s very clever.

But doesn’t this order: SkyClan driven out –> ShadowClan taken over remind you of someone?
Right! Sol

In the „SkyClan and the Stranger“ arc Sol joins SkyClan, but is thrown out after hiding Leafstars kits, to look like a saviour when they search for them, in order to impress Leafstar.
After that he searches for revenge and Midnight gives him the knowledge to infuence Blackstar to turn away from StarClan. With the help of some StarClan cats Jayfeather is able to make him return to the warrior code and throw out Sol.

This leaves space for speculations.I don’t think that Sol makes an reappearance in this arc, because it would get kind of boring. But maybe he is connected to Darktail. The sample of „Hawkwings Journey“ showed that he had to have at least heard of the clans, since he comes up to Hawkwing and asks him directly: „Are you a a clan cat?“. (Then the sample ends. : | ) Furthermore he seems to be good at manipulating other cats, or at least to know shifty ways to reach his goals, since he first tried to join ShadowClan to, most likely, take it over from inside.
I found some fans on the internet discussing he may be Sol’s son, but I don’t believe that! Darktail is a far to good fighter to be Sol’s son, since Sol mostly got other cats to fight for him. This wouln’t fit!
I could imagine that Sol once visited his group, to get food and shelter. And when he saw that these rogues were strong fighters he might have told them about the clans and how easy it would be to conquer them, in order to get his revenge.
And then, after Sol left them, Darktail followed his suggestions and „visited“ SkyClan…

#3 Dovewing
You may be asking yourself “Why is she on this list? She already was one of the three in „Omen of the stars“! Why should she play a role in the new arc again?”
It seems like her love story with Tigerheart still isn’t finished! *yawn*
At the end of “Thunder and Shadow” Ivypool reveals to Twigpaw that they had “feelings for each other”, but asks to keep quiet about it. But also Alderheart recognises the way Tigerheart looks at Dovewing in the ThunderClan camp.
He still seems to want her. But Dovewing also has Bumblestripe. Even though it was stated in “Bramblestars Storm” that they quit their relationship, because it simply didn’t work between them, they sit together in the scene before Alderhearts medicine cat ceremony, talking casually and when Tigerheart glances to them she draws a bit closer to Bumblestripe. In my eyes it looks like Dovewing uses Bumblestripe as a shield to block out Tigerheart, in case he tries to talk to her. It is also stated that Tigerheart narrowed his eyes as he looked at Bumblestripe. Envy? Hatred?
I could actually see Tigerheart attacking Bumblestripe because of this when the two of them are alone, e.g. while hunting, to be with Dovewing again. So this will get interesting.

But there is another thing I noticed: In the last chapter of “The forgotten warrior”
After ThunderClan defeated some WindClan cats in the tunnels, Hollyleaf chases Sol into a death end and asks him why he wants to destroy the clans. Sol answers that he had once been part of a clan, living in a gorge, but they chased him out after saying that he wasn’t good enough to be a warrior. And Dovewing is there too, hearing all he says. After that Hollyleaf lets him go.
Dovewing doesn’t know anything exact about SkyClan but she knows that there is a fifth Clan living in a gorge.
So maybe she will overhear Alderheart or his companions talking about the quest and she could think of a connection to what she had heard there. Then rumors could start, that lead to Bramblestar being forced to reveal the existance of SkyClan.
(And if this scene is forgotten, I would be VERY disappointed with the Erins and you will find a post here where I’ll rant about them permanently ignoring things, that were said in earlier books!!! >:-C)

#2 Hawkwing
„Hawkwings Journey“ will be released in a few days but from the shown informations and the sample, found on Harper&Collins’ website, we already know a bit about it.
(BTW Read the sample or the book when it comes out! It looks like it will be out great and Hawkwing is a really interesting charakter! For what I’ve seen, I like it! ;P)
Hawkwing is one of the, for a long time unmentioned, kits of Cherrytail and Sharpclaw. (There! I said it! Spoilers!!!) The book will start right at the end of his apprenticeship and since the blurb says it takes place right before „The apprentices quest“ it will most likely show how SkyClan was driven out of the gorge and how they try to reunite and search for the other clans.
But the blurb says something else too.
I quote: „[…], this Super Edition follows Hawkwing, deputy of SkyClan, on a journey that will change the fate of all five warrior Clans.“
Yeah, „deputy of SkyClan“!
So what happened to his father Sharpclaw, who is SkyClans current deputy?
In Alderpaw’s first vision of SkyClan, he was still alive!
But then in his vision during the quest, when he only hears the SkyClan cats wailing for help, he isn’t mentioned.
Did he get killed during the fight against the rogues? Possible! Sharpclaw is definetly the type of cat who would give his life to protect his clan and family.
But why would Leafstar make Hawkwing her deputy then?
The Blurb indicates that he was made deputy before they went to search for the clans at the lake. So maybe a larger group of SkyClan cats containing Leafstar and Hawkwing got away safely. To remain as a clan even if they lost their home Leafstar needed a deputy, so why not take the old ones son?
The sample shows that Hawkpaw/wing has some real leader qualitys! He always worked hard to be the best warrior he could, and when his brother wanted to break the rules he tried to stop him. He is brave and relies on logic. And he took his flaws very serious.
(Hmmm… Shall I really spoil this? Okay, I’ll write it reversed so anyone who wants to read it can do it! There are even text reversers on the internet for the lazy ones – like me! ;P)
!seirujni sih fo seid eh nehw ,erif a morf rehtorb sih evas ot elba gnieb ton retfa flesmih demalb eH
Since the blurb is formulated like he would search for the other clans alone, this group would have scattered too after a while, for example because of low prey or the rogues pursing them.

BUT there is huge problem in this theory:
His age! As already mentioned he was most likely appointed deputy before or short after they were drove out. But since, at the end of the sample. On his first day as a warrior, Darktail makes his first appearance so we can assume that not very long after the beginning of his warriorship SkyClan is attacked by the rogues.
It isn’t really realistic that Leafstar would make a cat her new deputy who has been a warrior for only a couple days or weeks, even if he’d make a good leader and is the son of her old one!
Furthermore this would be against the warrior code! He can’t have finished training an apprentice in so few time! I know, Brambleclaw didn’t have one either, but this was a different case!

I have no idea how to fix that hole in the theory and make Leafstar’s decision reasonable again. Maybe you can tell me something in the comments!
And somehow the Erins must have managed to get Leafstar appointing him so we’ll only have to wait ’til November 1st to find out how it really happened!

#1 Jessy
Unexpected, hugh?
Yes, Jessy seems very unlikely to appear again, since she decided to leave ThunderClan after that monologue to Bramblestar about wanting him to be with his real family and she wanted to go and look what lies beyond the borders. Her story seems to be finished.
But some things tell me that her story is in fact way longer than that!
First, she is a far to good designed charakter to be „wasted“ on being a sidekick in only one book.
The Erins gave her a lot of screentime to show her different charakter traits. She isn’t just a normal kittypet, like for example Frankie. She is smart, brave, determined, says what she wants to say and deeply cares about those who mean something to her.
This is also the reason why she didn’t join ThunderClan.She isn’t a normal kittypet like Frankie, who joined ThunderClan instanly, she saw the bigger picture. She wanted to know what lies beyond the borders and get to know different ways of living, after seeing what the life of a warrior is like. And she was empathic enough to realise, that she would be in the way of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight if she stayed there and well-hearted enough to give up her „romance“ with Bramblestar for his real family’s sake.
But why should the Erins put such effort in a charakter they only feature in one book, even if she is one of the main protagonists there? Concidering this makes it seem not that unlikely that we’ll see her again.
Then, her appearing in „A Vision of Shadows“ could even make sense! Do you remember the first time Bramblestar took the three kittypets out hunting? She immediatly caught a thrush by jumping after it and hunting it along the treebranches. After that she states that she has always dreamed of living among trees. That is already kind of suspicious. But it doesn’t end there. When being asked where she’d learn to hunt like that she says that her mother told her.
And that was the part where it ringed in my head.
To me her mother was a descendant of the first SkyClan cats who lived in the gorge. Just like Skywatchers mother she wanted to keep the traditions of SkyClan alive, even if they decided to live as kittypets after being forced out of the gorge by the rats. So she trained her to jump and hunt in trees.
If you read carefully you’ll even find a line that hints that kind of thing!
After catching the trush Bramblestar remembers that Firestar wanted ThunderClan to learn to hunt like that. This also makes sense. After returning from his quest Firestar tried to bring the hunting skills he learned from the new SkyClan cats to ThunderClan. This heavily implies that Jessy hunts just the way SkyClan does!
With this in mind it seems nearly unrealistic to me that she would not have an appearance in „A vision of shadows“. She might show up again in ThunderClan aftere SkyClans return to the clans and then find out about her past. And with her abiltys she could even join SkyClan afterwards.
I made her #1 because this theory came up to me and I directly was thrilled about researching it. And the more I thought about it the more realistic it seemed to me. Furthermore I would really like her to come back, since I already loved her in „Bramblestar’s Storm“. She’s so cool!

Thanks for reading! 😀 I know it was a long post (4 Word pages!)
On 9GAG I’d say: „Here’s a purrtato“:-)
It was fun writing about Warriors related stuff, even if it took me a couple hours. Probably I’ll come up with a new article soon!

‘Til then, may StarClan guide your paws! Bye!

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  • Very good article! You have some very interesting theories. I hope Jessy comes back in A Vision of Shadows. 🙂

  • Great predictions, Aurahunter (I love your name, by the way! Are you into Pokemon? That’s where my mind goes to first when I see Aurahunter :P) ! I’d love to see Jessie again and it’d be great to see if she’ll shows up in SkyClan territory!

  • Great predictions. But a side note. Palebird is Tallstar’s mother, while Birdflight is the mother of Gorseclaw and Spottedpelt.

  • Really interesting article! It is really weird how basically everyone in the Clans are related somehow. I want to see Jessy again in another book.

  • There was a deputy between Sharpclaw and Hawkwing. Also Hawkwing had an apprentice her name was curlypaw so he was a legal candidate to be deputy.
    P.S. sorry for the spoilers 😋

  • Graystripe knows about SkyClan too. Firestar told him about them before he went on his quest. (Since Graystripe would have to lead in his absence.) He may be the only one to be able to convince the clans to let SkyClan stay.

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