2017 Medicine Cat Elections

This is the place where you can find out everything you need to know about the 2017 Medicine Cat Elections!

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Part I: What is a Medicine Cat?

What is a Medicine Cat in the world of BlogClan? On our site, the Medicine Cat is the friendly ambassador of our community.

  • They welcome the newest members of BlogClan and play an active role on the New Members page.
  • They keep the community contented, making sure every member of the site feels happy and involved.
  • Finally, they act as a go-between with BlogTeam and BlogClan, being one of the most useful points of contact between these two parts of the community.

Part II: What is an election?

We will be conducting our search for that new key member our community, and it could be any of you. You are all lovely, warm and caring people, and I know this opportunity has the potential to fit any one of you. With this role, however, it’s important to note that you must make sure to stay level-headed and committed to our community.

Near the bottom of this posts is the schedule for the new two weeks! Expect posts of political commentary, as well as opportunities for candidates to give speeches. Above all else, expect a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for all candidates.

I just want to stress that final point again: at the end of the day, this is intended to be a fun event held for you, the community of BlogClan. Please be as encouraging as possible to all candidates! Get into the spirit of things and have fun!

Part III: What is a hustings?

Perhaps the most exciting part of the event is the hustings. If you’re not entirely sure what they are, they are a place where candidates and voters interact with one another, allowing both the opportunity to engage in conversation.

Essentially, they are a series of daily posts which act as a platform for different groups of candidates, allowing them an opportunity to engage the community: a platform to be asked questions, give speeches, and talk to BlogClan about why they want this position.

Here are links to the hustings which have already happened:

Part IV: What is the schedule?

Below is the schedule from 1st July to the 15th July with the announcement of the new Medicine Cat.

1st JulyApplications Open!
2nd JulyHustings, Day 1
3rd JulyHustings, Day 2
4th JulyHustings, Day 3
5th JulyApplications Close
6th JulyHustings, Day 4
7th JulyFirst Round of Voting Begins
8th JulyJosh’s Fantastic Late Night Election Commentary, Part 1
9th Julya deep and quiet day of thoughtful contemplation
10th JulyFirst Round of Voting Ends
11th JulySecond Round of Voting Begins
12th JulyJosh’s Fantastic Late Night Election Commentary, Part 2
13th JulySecond Round of Voting Ends
14th JulyFlo’s Fantastic Election Wrap-up!
15th JulyAnnouncement of BlogClan’s New Medicine Cat!


Part V: How do I apply?

If you want to apply for the role of Medicine Cat, the page with the form is just on the other side of this link!

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