Why Firestar ISN”T a Gary Stu by Foxshadow

Foxshadow’s first ever article about Firestar’s characteristics

Hi everyone! This is Foxshadow here with my first article on why i believe Firestar is not a Gary Stu as quite a few think. I will be discussing why people think he is one and why, in my opinion, he is not.
Now, bear with me, i haven’t read the first series in a while, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong in the comments! On with the article!

Why people think he is a Gary Stu:
alot of people think he is a perfect character with little to no flaws because he was a goody two shoes and everything he did was the right thing to do, even if it didn’t seem so at the start. He was always noble and wasn’t ever looking down at any cat. as a leader he never did anything wrong and always wanted peace. pretty flawless right? maybe not…

Why i don’t think he is a Gary Stu:
So as a young tom he was often making plenty of mistakes and getting into more trouble than it was worth in some cases. In addition to this, he never seemed to learn from his mistakes when he was young, breaking the code way too often than he should have been. Fair enough he was new but he still did some pretty risky things even when he was told off. Does this sound like a Gary Stu? If he was one then he would have NEVER have broken the code, and if he had, he would have not done it again.
As leader of Thunderclan of the other clan leaders disliked Firestar (excluding Tallstar) because he always tried to take control and made it look as if he was the most noble cat and better than them. Of course the other clans didn’t like that felt that he was too bossy. As a Gary Stu everyone in the books would have loved Firestar because if you were a Stu why would any cat ever hate you? Finally,i would like to say that after we lose his POV others find he was never making bad decisions and was never conflicted. But, how would we know? we didn’t have his Point of view so whose to say he wasn’t deeply troubled or was making the wrong decision? We don’t really know

Now don’t get me wrong, i don’t thing Firestar has the best character development, but he certainly isn’t flawless

Too end of this article i would like to say, as i stated above, that some people found him too peaceful to not be a Stu. but really whats perfect about that? I mean, alot of us here would probably like peace rather than war, does that make us mary sues/ Gary Stus? The short answer is no. we’re not. we still have flaws, we still make mistakes and so does Firestar.
But what do you think? do you still believe Firestar is flawless, or do you agree? please let me know on the comments.
Thank you for reading and goodbye!

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  • Nice Article!

    My Opinion (This might offend some people, sorry!):

    Yes, he does have some flaws but somehow he seemed too, heroic. He broke the code for heroic deeds. He just doesn’t have enough flaws to be a good developed character 😛
    And his realationship with Spottedleaf came out of nowhere and I personally think it’s abit unnecessary.

  • I agree with you. And in Midnight, I recall he wasn’t perfectly fair to Brambleclaw after seeing that vision.

    I still think he’s a little too heroic than an average warrior cat, but maybe that’s just me.

  • Great article!

    He definitely looked down at Brambleclaw until the end of the NP arc. He also made a TERRIBLE decision to make Ashfur the mentor of one of Squirrelflight’s “kits” (throwing salt into an open wound much)? And he really should have been more proactive with the Prophecy of The Three. He left them in the dark until Fading Echos when he was the one who originally got the prophecy……

    I think we all love Firestar, but he’s far from perfect.

  • Thank you!! I also admit that Firestar definitely does not have the nearly the best character development, BUT I definitely like him better than some other cats and all my Warrior fan friends think he is flawless and I have had some long debates about it! *Aggravation boiling*

  • well, not trying to hate, but his APPRENTICE loves him, not to mention the “beautiful” she-cat Spottedleaf that had a crush on him after the 10ish minutes they have met, he had a gigantic prophecy revolving around him, he lasts until the 4th arc (waaaaay to long in my opinion), he went out to restore SkyClan, saved RiverClan, saved WindClan, and have you noticed he acts like he is better than the other leaders sometimes? like calling the Clans for the meeting to start (not all the time), he addressed the Clans during the sunhigh Gathering using “Cats on the trees, hills, and streams…” like the other leaders couldn’t announce it? I think the leaders on their Clans should have called their Clans instead of Firestar doing it? also notice “handsome” in in his description :/

    • I started cracking up on your last sentence because I wrote a fanfiction where a bunch of my favorite singers turned into cats and TobyMac became Tobystar (the leader of MusicClan) and his description is “Extremely fluffy handsome ginger tom with green eyes and spiky hair” XD (does that make Tobystar a Gary Stu?) 😜😛

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