My Opinion On Mapleshade by Silverpaw

Silverpaw talks about her opinion on Mapleshade

I have been reading Warriors since I was little. Most recently I came across a character known as Mapleshade in The Last Hope. I was interested on her story and how she was in Dark Forest to begin with.

Mapleshade’s story is VERY similar to Bluestar’s. They both fall in love with RiverClan toms, both get pregnant, and both have to face hard consequences, however, Bluestar’s story ended much happier than Mapleshade’s. Here is why I think Mapleshade SHOULD have gone to StarClan.
When Mapleshade meets Appledusk, they start meeting up, sneaking off in the night, and eventually Mapleshade discovers she will be having kits. Years later, Bluefur also begins to meet up with Oakheart, and Bluefur eventually ends up with kits.

The difference; when Bluefur took her kits to RiverClan, sure one died, they made it and Bluefur was never found out, she became leader, and she went to StarClan with her mate and kits, but Mapleshade was found out. Her leader threw her out of her clan. She wants her kits to have good lives, so she takes them to RiverClan so they can live and grow up with their father. ALL THREE DIED! Mapleshade starts to lose it, I mean, WHO WOULDN’T! If that wasn’t enough she gets there, and Appledusk acts like it was HER fault. He rejects her and he tells his leader, she means nothing to him. Mapleshade is then forced to leave. So now Mapleshade has no mate, no clan, and no kits. Then she sees her former mate flirting with a she-cat from RiverClan. Mapleshade is, by this point, insane, WHO WOULDN’T BE!!! Mapleshade kills Appledusk, and is then killed herself.

StarClan, think of how many murderers are in there. For example Hollyleaf, who kills Ashfur and nearly killed Leafpool. Mapleshade is yet still to go to the Dark Forest.
I understand Mapleshade was EXTEREMLY important to Crookedstar’s Promise, but I still don’t think Mapleshade should have gone to Dark Forest.

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  • She should be in StarClan! She killed the three cats to save her kits since she saw her kits crying for help. She wanted her kits to be happy.

  • I disagree she didn’t deserve to go to Starclan. Yes I understand her pain but she had no right to kill them. And also she’s truly evil now because the more time you spend in the dark forest the more evil you get so she’s evil now.