What could really kill the warrior cats? by Kindheart

Kindheart explores the real danger to warriors…


so here’s how it goes *WARNING* the following consists of some light breeding talk and defects! you have been warned.

so as i was saying in warriors the code states that you may only take a mate from your clan that in itself is a problem. because what will eventually happen is cats will start to inbreed. let me explain further, when two cats have kittens the kittens take some genes from their parents and pass it on, now lets say there are only 4 cats left in a clan (just saying) and two are female and two are male. what will probably happen is that both she cats will eventually give birth to the two toms kits. now assuming that no other cat has joined, the kits will grow up, and will eventually have to mate with each other, this is okay but now we reach a road block. for those keeping count once the kits, kits grow up they will have to mate with the other kits AKA their cousins or aunts or whatever. and then the original parents genes will be passed over to much. Thats known as Inbreeding (also that is normally how Pedigree cats are judged…..) Eventually if this continues deformities and defects will show up in the kits. and that will ultimately make kits that aren’t very healthy and will make it even harder for them to live/hunt/survive!!!!

so how does this relate with warriors? well if no cat can breed with cats outside the clan eventually they will have to inbreed…. sure it might take a while for the genes to actually mutate but it will appear. In fact cats like Jayfeather and Blackstar (also Snowkit) will be a lot more common and that will weaken the clans. So that code will actually be the destruction of the clans.. 0.o huh well this got dark fast… so really that means leafpool, yellowfang (other medi cats) etc. where all really saving the clans!!!!! 0.o uh yeah there is a little cat genetic 101 but yeah now do you see what i mean? not to mention the other defects that could appear. like a breathing defect, some cats are born with a squashed nose (more then usual anyways) especially Persians, this nose gives them breathing difficulties and they end up dying much faster because they can’t get enough air. not to mention how much harder it will be to birth kits without the mother dying if she has a defect…. so maybe it’s good that new cats come into the clans now and then as well as the fact that cats mingle outside of the clan! 🙂

Di you agree with my points? do you think i’m wrong? did i miss something? did i give you brain damage? (cause i got some myself while writing this article!!!!!) Until the next article Cyo! 😉

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  • The establishment of inbreeding issues is really interesting. I feel like the warriors would eventually learn to modify the warrior code to suit their survival, though, like they did on the journey to the lake.

  • Yes, this makes sense. Everyone is related.

  • I also relized this and here are my possible fixes.
    -My first solution would be to, during the Vision of Shadows Ark, have the rouges fight a giant battle with the clans and have half of thunderclan die off. If many of them are Firestar’s kin the clan will be able to have new generations of kits and the story can go on. However, this is only a temporary fix.
    -My second solution would to have the rouges peacefully(or not) make their own clan and breed with the old clans. This would again, alow the story to continue but this time for longer as there is more breeding stock, not the enialation of it.
    -My third solution is to ‘morph’ the clans. Make a traigity so terrible that they have to join together into one, or at the most two clans. This too would alow the story to continue, probably for the longest out to the three options. However, this would force the author to a) drop the series b) make another traigity appear so the new clans have to travel somewhere or c) to create an external conflict, i.e. The Tribe coming to fight them.

  • Inbreeding for animals do not show as much as say imbreeding for humans. All ‘pure bred cats’ are all from imbreeding to get the right sort of mutations. The downfall of say over imbreeding would be health issues and visual deformities however that doesnt occur until it is well down the line as in relatives have to breed over and over which we havent seen happen. Nature will find a way as will the hearts of our warriors. They will secretly let their love blossom with hushed rendezvous under the moonlight or as more warriors choose to see life through firestar’s legacy and be more open to inviting outsiders into their clan. Great article very thought provoking!