The Warrior Cats Timeline (Or at least, my attempt at solving it) by Ayfex

Ayfex constructs a draft of a warriors timeline from the very beginning to end

Hi there! Ayfex here with my first ever post. So, in honour of joining Blogclan I’ve decided to start with something easy: Constructing the warrior’s timeline from start to finish! … In hindsight, this was an extremely painful idea.

So without further a do, here is the timeline, organised by leaders:

Now, let me discuss the process of creating this timeline.
For my main source of information, I relied on the field guides, specifically Code of the Clans, Secrets of the Clans, and Battle of the Clans. I also relied on the Super Editions of the “Recent History”. The process was carried out keeping in mind a few assumptions:
1. The Code was created in the order that we know it today. This is entirely likely since the stories in CotC don’t outright contradict each other chronologically.
2. Each story, unless previously stated, takes place in the next generation. This is why a lot of the mid-generations have many blank leadership roles.
3. There are no missing generations. Although doubtful in regards to the 5-Clan Era, it is almost certain Post-SkyClan. It is DEFINITE once Oakstar’s Era commences.

Points of interest:
– Sunningrocks: It seems that the legendary flood that changed the course of the river happened extremely early in Clan history. Indeed, all we know is that it happened somewhere between the first and third known leaders of ThunderClan. Furthermore, it is stated that Whitestar’s reign took place not too long since the establishment of the Clans. This would make the RiverClan/ThunderClan fued one of if not the oldest conflicts in Clan history, possibly second only to WindClan/ShadowClan.
– The Famine: In BotC, Morningstar begs the other leaders to share prey during an extremely harsh leafbare. Later in the book, Leafpool mentions that Featherstar of WindClan fails to enact a new law that bans any non-Clanborn cats from joining the Clan – also after a harsh leafbare. It could be assumed that this took place around the same time, as both stories are told during the existence of SkyClan. Featherstar is also the same cat that enacted Code 7, thus placing the famine in the middle of Clan history.
– Dovestar of RiverClan: It is said that this leader tried to enforce a law that all cats must believe in StarClan. Although nothing else is known of this era, I posited that it might have occurred around the same time as Code 14, which also saw the enactment of the quarter-moon trip to the Highstones. I believe that this may have brought upon a time of increased religious beliefs, which in turn could naturally lead to such a law being thought of.
– Darkstar of RiverClan: What a fickle one this is. Vicky stated that she thinks that both the Darkstar of Code 3 and of Mapleshade’s Vengeance are one and the same. Should this be true, this would mean that Code 3 was Code 14 chronologically! In all honesty, I don’t believe that the she-cats are the same, as they are described completely differently. Furthermore, no overlapping warriors are shown in either story. It would also seem odd that such a basic rule such as “Feed the kits and elders first” would come so late in any society.
– Lifespan: Reading through all these books made me realize that the longevity of the cats has likely increased drastically. Almost all the leaders post-SkyClan are noted to grow quite old unless they suffered horrific deaths (Looking at you, Tiggy.) In the previous stories, cats seemed far more unfazed with the deaths of young cats like Spottedpaw and Ripplestar, and Dark/Duskstar of SkyClan is implied to being quite old (and cats are quite shocked by this) even though he doesn’t even have a graying muzzle.
– Leadership: Up until Code 8, leadership was passed down via blood. This suggests that all the leaders preceding this era were either kin or extremely close friends. Also, ShadowClan has the most known leaders at 20, whilst WindClan comes dead last at 14.
– Cat Sexism: There are undoubtedly more male leaders than female. Interestingly, ShadowClan’s first 4 leaders were all female, but the last known female SC leader was Dawnstar during SkyClan’s exile. RiverClan is the most egalitarian with a 8/7/0 split (M/F/?), followed by ShadowClan 12/7/1, WindClan 9/4/1, SkyClan 12/2/2, and finally ThunderClan at 13/3.

Please tell me what you think! It’s still a work in progress and a rough draft, so any and all comment will be appreciated 🙂

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  • Darkstar is stated to have been one of RiverClan’s first leaders. He later appears in MV as a fellow leader along with Oakstar. Oakstar was after Redstar. Redstar fellow leader with Birchstar, who after Darkstar. So not at all possible!

  • Anyon see these trends?
    Tawnypelt’s mate? Leader. Brother? Leader. Son? Leader. Father? Leader. Grandfather? Leader. Great-Grandfather? Leader.

    Sunstar? Leader. Sun’s apprentice? Next leader. Apprentice’s apprentice? Next leader. Grandapprentice’s best friend? Next (Acting) Leader. Greatgrandapprentice? Next leader. Grandapprentice’s daughter? Next (Acting) Leader. Grandapprentice’s grandson? Next (Acting) Leader. Grandapprentice’s best friend? Current (Acting) Leader.

    Firestar has blood in every clan/tribe