Warrior Cats Election (Spoilers for all series) by Willowpaw

Willowpaw explores what a Warriors election would be like

Well, it is the time for Presidential Elections.
People have to make the difficult choice. Who to choose?

But today… it is…


Our candidates are Firestar, Graystripe, Sandstorm, and Gray Wing.
These cats believe they are the most capable of making a difference in the forest. If you disagree, they don’t care.
They only care about three things.
1. Beating the others
2. Making a difference
3. Helping the clans


Now, it is the kitty debate.
It is Firestar’s turn.
Firestar: *he jumps up on the great rock* If you elect me for Clan President, life will be completely different. Number one, I WILL have command over your clans. It may not sound great, but it will stop war. If there are attacking rogues, all of the clans will work together to defeat them. Number two, I will ensure that everyone has prey. Literally. With me leading, I will ask the leaders to send out twice as many patrols as needed. Number three-
Graystripe: *winking* Firestar thought I was dead once. Can we assure-
Announcer: Graystripe, it is not your-
Graystripe: Can we assure that he’ll have us safe?
Firestar: Graystripe, I will-
Graystripe: Okay, I’m done.
Firestar: *continuing* This mousebrain thinks he can interrupt me! Anyway, if you vote for me, you won’t have to listen to any of these ding-dongs.

It is time for Sandstorm.
Sandstorm: Hi Clans! I have identified the worst problems. To be honest, the worst problem in the clans is keeping peace. Don’t we want to have peace? Why, I remember the Great Battle. So many cats died because of the Dark Forest. I want to have some cats always on lookout- the most targeted ones. That way, if the Dark Forest returns, we can know it and strike them for behind. Another problem is illness. Have you ever been sick? I bet you have. I suggest we can have all of our medicine cats work hard to make a school where apprentices learn how to be a medicine cat, and there would be multiple cats for each clan. Thank you.

It is now Graystripe’s turn.
Graystripe: Finally! Okay… where to begin. Aha! I believe I can make sure we have a strong connecting with StarClan and have a good territory always. Thank you.
Announcer: Graystripe, you still have more time.
Graystripe: Oh no. I am done.

Finally, it is Gray Wing’s turn.
Gray Wing: Everyone, I have gone through so many hardships. From seeing my love’s death. To losing my brother to an evil one. To dying. I have had so many hard times, that I just don’t want you to go through what I have gone through. Cats, we will work together- becoming one. Medicine cats will be trained until they are amazing. We will have better systems. Everyone. Please vote for me, as I believe I will change the world.

Please vote here, at http://www.strawpoll.me/11608224/r . DO NOT vote for your favorite cats, consider their reasons. Thank you. Enjoy!

Thanks guys. This was my FIRST article!

Willowpaw (SandstormFurever)

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