Top 5 saddest Warrior cat deaths by Echolight

Echolight discusses some deaths that break our heart every time

Hi! Echo here to bring you, A blog? Yea.
Anyway this is a TOP 5 lIstanbul, My opinion son. COMMENT YOURS! Yay.

Onwards to 1 and 5. I hope you enjoy this and expect more random warrior blogs!

Graystripe’s lost love, I was sad that she dedicated while she gave birth to Graystripe’s kits, Feathertail and Stormfur. Just plain on sad how a mother will not get see her kits grow and be strong warrior and how she will not get to be there to rise them.(Yes she can watch from StarClan.. but still)
Her kits couldn’t see how sweet and wonderful she was.

One choice effected her whole life, that was to go the Thunderpath and get the ‘message’ for Bluestar, Cinderpelt was kind and loyal medicine cat who chose that path due her leg injury and learning she couldn’t be a warrior. But She trained Leafpool, Her death was sad, she saved Sorreltail and her kits from claws and jaws of a badger! She was hero.

Snowfur killed by a monster ( Lucky you Cinderpelt) leaving her son and mate behind, It must be hard for a kit to learn that their mother died, and Snowfur was closest kin to Bluestar. I love how Snowfur loved Thistleclaw, no matter how he was dark cat. Snowfur shows us, that any cat/one can be loved.

His death is reason why Leopardstar is hated by me, She just stood there and watched the poor tom get his life taken way from him, He died by being a hero and sacrificed himself for Feathertail and Stormfur. Mistystar already lost so much.

There is too many kit deaths, Which is really sad for Queens and kind, this poor kit never got the chance to be a warrior or a medicine cat, by meaning they had no choice to pick path of destiny, Kistler die so young:(

That all for now! Next up is something interesting….. really interesting..

Fun fact;l:Echolight:Brown tabby she cat

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  • I do sympathize for Mapleshade, like any mother, she would do anything for what she thought would be good for her kits. But I dont think a killstreak was good justification.

  • I do agree that there are waaaaay too many kit deaths, but stonefur’s death didn’t really affect me. I’m probably going to get a lot of hate but Tigerstar’s death was pretty sad and disturbing the way how all 9 lives were knocked out of him all at one by Scourge. Just my opinion.

  • I almost cried at Silverstream’s death! I never really liked her and Graystripe since it was against the code and stuff but idk why but I cried. Honeyfern’s and Cinderpelt’s death was sad too and Shrewpaw’s.
    But for me Hollyleaf’s death was the saddest (when she “died” in the tunnels and by Hawkfrost). I loved her so much!
    Oh and I Snowfur’s too. I like her and Thistleclaw as well. It reminds me of a song called “What Love Really Means” and part of the ending chorus is:
    “I will love you for you
    Not for what you have done
    Or what you will become”
    Snowfur loved Thistleclaw no matter what. That makes my heart ache! It’s so sweet. That is true love I believe. ☺️😊😝❤️

    • I agree w/ you. The one I almost burst in tears was Hollyleaf’s “death” & just Sunrise itself. That was like the most upsetting book for me. Especially Tge Last Hope where Firestar, Ferncloud, Sorreltail, Foxleap, Hollyleaf and Mousefur died. It was so sad. I was in denial and shock.
      And when they go to ShadowClan, I got so upset & angry that a kit died! Weaselkit! And Moonrise & Fire & Ice.

  • The saddest deaths are definately the kits – I never have the heart to kill off the kits in my fan-fiction

  • Yes, all of these deaths were very sad! Especially Cinderpelt’s!

    *Spoilers for DotC*
    In my opinion, Turtle Tail’s death was the saddest death ever!
    End of spoilers
    I know this article is old, so I probably didn’t need to put the spoiler warning because it’s unlikely people will see this, but suppose it pops up in the recent purrs, and someone clicks it?

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