What if Tigerstar’s Mentor was not Thistleclaw? by Wolfkit

Wolfkit discusses what would happen if Thistleclaw didn’t mentor Tigerstar. 

Hi there I’m Wolfkit and this is my first article! Today we are going to play a game of What If! See, I’ve never read Bluestar’s Phophecy (yet) so it might be off. But I have the general idea!
Snowfur would still be run over by a monster and Thistleclaw would still be evil but in this timeline, Tigerpaw is in the paws of Patchpelt. So he would be good which would change everything and Tiny would never have been attacked which means no BloodClan either.
StarClan would have no need to call Rusty over either because there is no need to kill Tigerclaw, and they would need a leader after Sunstar died but it would neither be Bluefur nor Thistleclaw.
I’m guessing while hunting Bluefur would tell him about everything he has done (which from what I heard is not very much) and they would leap into a big fight with each other. Sunstar and her Clanmates would be so mad that they either exile her or, she would die right on the spot while talking, and StarClan has a big debate like they did with Ashfur. She would most likely end up in StarClan like Hollyleaf because she was doing it for the right reason.
Tiny would probably go back to his house and either end up living with Nutmeg or get adopted.
Tigerpaw would not get a violent name from the reality timeline, like Tigertail and would maybe become a very content deputy. He would be mates with Goldenflower and they would have Bramblekit and Tawnykit who would not be judged for Tigertail’s crimes. Tawnypaw would not go to ShadowClan. And cats like Runningwind, Brindleface, Swiftpaw, and Redtail would never die because of Tigertail. Cinderpaw would never get crippled because of the trap and would get to be the warrior that she wanted to become. Ravenpaw would not have to move to the farm, and Cloudtail the pest did not have join ThunderClan.
Whitestorm would most likely become leader and wouldn’t die in the battle with BloodClan. (Because it was never made!) Whitestar and the other leaders would soon find out about the people who were going to destroy their home and they would move as fast as they can. They would not have Squirrlepaw trailing along and there would be a new ShadowClan warrior to go on the journey since Tawnypelt is in ThunderClan. They would meet Midnight and the lovey dovey relationship between Leafpool and Crowfeather would never happen. They would have another Medicine cat that would probably survive the badger attack because it is not crippled. Tigertail would have most likely died fighting for his Clan.
Since Brokenstar might still be making the Dark Forest gang and StarClan would make a new Three because Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing were never born. That also means no Holyleaf so the Ashfur, Squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, I killed you, Leafpool and Crowfeather had kits, fire, you are not allowed to have kits, secret, Gathering, does not exist.
Firestar would not go on the quest to find SkyClan but maybe Tigertail would? Probably not. So, no Vision of Shadows. There is no Alderheart or Sparkpelt anyway.
I almost forgot to tell you about the battle with ShadowClan. Brokenstar would still be sheltered and Tigertail would eventually drive him out after consulting with Whitestar about how dangerous he was. Lionheart and Spottedleaf would still die, and Tigertail would become deputy.
Yellowfang would probably based on how humble Whitestar was, be sheltered and then become an elder, after Spottedleaf died they would probably take one of the apprentices (Sandpaw) out of their training to become a Medicine cat. They would ask the other Clans, which would refuse starting a big battle killing Yellowfang.
As you can see, it would be very different! As I already said, this is my first article I just joined last night and it already feels like a little warrior family! Bye!

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