Dovewings best match, Tigerheart v.s Bumblestripe by Brookefeather.

Brookefeather debates whether Tigerheart or Bumblestripe would be better for Dovewing. 

Hi fellow Blogclan members! My name is Brookefeather and my fave characters are Dovewing, Jayfeather, Cherryfall, and the newest, Alderheart! I post other things like ” Best Thunderclan leader” ” Best Thunderclan medicine cat” ” Most evil cat” and ” Is Jayfeather better off alone or with Halfmoon”.
I love reading the things you guys post so keep it up!
Before I begin with my topic, I want to give a special thanks to Jayfrost for being a great member! I always know that I can get an answer to any question if I ask you. Thank you!
Also, I thank Kate for making this blog possible for me and the other clan cats out there. I love reading your comments and hope that you will continue this blog until the love of Warriors dulls.

Now I will begin Dovewing.
Dovewing is a loyal she cat who was very loyal to Firestar when he was alive. She was one of the three, er, four, but she turned away from her destiny in her mind but her heart and power still strived. She ended up accepting that she was special and worked hard to succeed. After the Great Battle, she lost her special power. She now is an ordinary cat, free to destiny. So now is the time to ask, ” Does Tigerheart still love me?” or ” What should I say to Bumblestripe if he suggests we?”
Tigerheart is a great cat who loved Dovewing. When they snuck out to see each other, Dovewing could tell. And and she felt the same way. When Ivypool noticed Dovewings disappearance at night, the truth broke between the sisters. Ivypool as a loyal sister never told anyone but she was dissapointed with her sisters code breaking. Tigerheart is a Shadowclan cat and it would be neat if Dovewing and him were mates.
Bumblestripe is a young tom who loves Dovewing. When he teaches her warriors stuff, he is pretty impatient which annoys Dovewing. He is a little pesky with love, but all toms are. Bumblestripe possibly will want kits in the future whereas Tigerheart will not. Dovewing has always wanted kits but will she want them with Bumblestripe? I am sure true love is better than kits to Dovewing.
By all the records, I think that we can all agree that the best match for Dovewing is Tigerheart. They are an unstoppable pair that will bring excitement to the clans.

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  • I agree! Dovewing is one of my favorite characters, and I think she would be better with Tigerheart.
    (Although she could be a bit nicer to Bumblestripe)

    • Dovewing shouldn’t have to be nice to Bumblestripe.
      Bumblestripe literally emotionally abused her.
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • Well, I’m getting bored of forbidden love…back in the old forest, there would be a (huge) punishment for breaking a rule of the warrior code, and now, cats act like it doesn’t exist anymore.

    I don’t ship Dove x Bumble though, I feel like Dovewing was too rude to him in The Last Hope for them to ever be mates. I’d like to imagine them as good friends, though.

  • I had a crush on Brokentail, then Tiggerstar, then Scourge, then Hawkfrost, then uh…oh. So yeah still Hawkfrost But im leaning towards Breezepelt.
    Dawny likes bad boys. 😛 😀 XD

  • I hope Dovewing has kits at all. It would be interesting, though, if she had kits with Tigerheart…kind of an interesting plot there…


    You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.