The prophesies begin- Top 10 SADDEST deaths by Frostbite

Frostbite makes a countdown for the saddest deaths. 

(Note- I have not read the darkest hour.)
1. Spottedleaf- Cause of death: killed by Clawface behind the nursery. Why it was sad- She was the sweetest cat I think was ever in the series. It was obvious Firestar loved her.

2. Yellowfang- Cause of death: Inhaled too much smoke during a fire. Why it was sad- Yellowfang might have been grumpy, but she had been though so much. She also died in Firestars paws.

3. Silverstream- Cause of death: Died during kitting of Greystripe’s kits. Why it was sad- Greystripe was right next to Silverstream when she left to be in Starclan, and even Tigerstar felt bad. Greystripe loved her so much.

4. Bluestar- Cause of death: Drowned saving Firestar from dogs. Why it was sad- She died for Firestar, and the fact that she drowned made it worse, Her kits watched their mother die,

5. Brindleface- Cause of death: Killed by Tigerstar/dogs. Why it was sad- Brindleface had been a mother to so many kits, and she was also Cloudtail’s foster mom. Cloudtail was one of the first to see her.

6. Lionheart- Cause of death: killed in battle against Shadowclan. Why it was sad- he was such a noble cat who was replaced but by Tigerstar. It just seems that no cats really mourned him.

7. Brokentail- Cause of death: killed by Yellowfang when she gives him death berriers. Why it was sad- sure, he was evil. But it was so depressing because his own mother fed him death berries after she clawed his eyes out.

8. Oakheart- Cause of death: killed by rockfall. Why it was sad- He was Bluestar’s mate, and the fact that he was smushed by a boulder just makes it 10x worse.

9. Redtail- Cause of death: killed by Tigerstar. Why it was sad- He hadn’t even been in the book when he died. He was killed because of Tigerstar’s fury and Ravenpaw watched it in horror.

10. Whitethroat- Cause of death: run over by a twoleg monster. Why it was sad- Whitethroat had been very sick and just wanted to be strong, his last sight was of Tigerstar as blood trickled from his mouth.

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