Me and my brother rant about Scourge and Swiftpaw

Rosesong and Thornpelt discuss Scourge and Swiftpaw.

So yea… Hello peoples of the internet! So, this is Rosesong, and my first article. (bout time you made an article!) SHUSH UP *not typo* THORNPELT! Anyways… So I am writing this with my brother. If it’s in perenthiseies then that is Thornpelt speaking (you can’t spell) THEY KNOW WHAT I MEAN! Thornpelt is new to blogclan so please give a warm welcome to him! *THROWS CONFFETTI* (*is unicorn*) Why are you a unicorn? (nobody believes in me) Very accurate. So yeaaaa…. What even is the title? Oh yea, we are way off topic. Anyways, Thornpelt is my real life brother, and he appears in my fanfic as Thornkit. (Way to spoil warrior names Rosesong.) QUIET! Anyways… Let’s actually get into the article XD. (What do you mean? We came to be insane and show off your stupidness) Heh heh… heh heh heh… QUIET! Anyway… So, people will hate me so much for ranting on these cats x3. Way to make a good first impression, Thornpelt! (Actually you made me do this, all I wanted to do is live my blogclan life stalking you in secret but you made me do this article) DON’T LISTEN TO HIM x3. Anyway… ON TOPIC FOR TEH 40th TIME!  (totally didn’t take us three hours to find that) so….
Scourge is first.

1. Scourge
So, hate me. Hate Thornpelt, do what you want. But honestly, Scourge is stupid. (For once I agree, I mean, people say it wasn’t his fault he was evil, BUT IT IS HIS PHYSICAL BODY DOING IT!!!!! HE IS NOT BEING CONTROLED, HE DID IT!!!!!!) EXACTLY! (You can see our similarities.) Yea, we are so similar that in real life people ask if we’re twins XD. (WHAT!?) Yes, they ask me all the time. (Wow.) Anyway… Back on the Scourge topic. He is evil, and no excuses. Are we good? Good. Summed up, no more words.

2. Swiftpaw
(We have to talk about THIS brat?) Yes, Thornpelt. *sigh* Sorry. (Let’s get this over with before the haters spam us with death threats and kill our mother) Good plan. So… *YOU AND THORNPELT ARE STUPID I AM GONNA KILL YOU!* (*sets off bomb*) THANK YOU, NOW STAY ON TOPIC PLS!
So… Swiftpaw is a brat. He decided “I AM GONNA FIGHT DOGS LIKE SCOURGE!” But… No. Honestly, when he died, I was like “YESSS THE BRAT IS GONE!” That’s right, I said it, hate me. So yea. end of story. (agreed.)

Enjoy our off topic article…. K bye.

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  • So yes first of all hi to everyone.
    But now WAIT??????
    Swiftpaw should be a brat?????
    NO WAY
    He was so brave and courageous!!!!!
    I accept your opinion but I disagree.
    (Swiftpaw is my favorite cat XD)
    As for Scourge, I like him as medium.
    Greeting rose shine and have a nice day.
    (and yes I know I am veryyyyyy late XD XD XD XD)

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