Dovewing: Bumblestripe vs. tigerheart By Snowbird

Snowbird analyzes Tigerheart and Bumblestripe. 

Hello my stars! I’m snowbird! This is my first artical and I an sups. excited! Okay so I wanted to do something simple, like the anyalissis and probibility of Dovewing’s possible mates.

Okay so Tigerheart: personaly I like tigerheart. He is caring and fun. There is obviously a connection between dovewing and tigerheart. But if you want to be technical, then Bumble stripe is the logical choice. Personaly I’m a hopeless romantic and am all for braking the warrior code if it is true love! So I am all for Tigerheart. (Sorry all BS fans) I think that if dovewing follows her heart it will lead her to Tigerheart.

Alright Bumblestripe: he may be the logical choice because she kinda likes him and he is in her clan so she would be okay as far as rules go. She is one of the three, so it would be really bad for a main character to break the code. But, it would create lots of drama. Furthermore bumblestripe is ,in my opinon, silly and uncoordinated and irresponsible. (Sorry all Bs fans) Like I said I prefer Tigerheart!

Also my opinion on Dovewing is a big baby who does not know how to handle her Responsibilities as a member of the three. (Sorry all DW fans) she has this power and yet she does not use to to its’ full potential. So in theory she should go with a cat who she likes more. Therefor it would be tigerheart.

Thats all for now! I really enjoyed wrighting this for you! Please leave comments and replies. As i said this is my first artical so BE HONEST!! Bye!

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