My Top Favorite Warrior Cats by Dewheart

Dewheart makes a list of some of their favorite cats. 

Hello! My name is Dewheart, and I will be doing my top favorite cats! Note: These are not in order and I am only on Power Of Three: Dark River, so if there is a character coming up that is good, that’s why I didn’t list them!

I love Tallstar so much! I think that the fact that he is calm and not mean like some other leaders (COUGH COUGH BLACKSTAR AND LEAPORDSTAR COUGH COUGH) makes me like him a lot. Also, I think that since he sided with Thunderclan first and willingly at the rise of Tigerstar and stuff makes me like him. If those reasons aren’t the case, then I don’t know why I like him so much.

9: Spottedleaf
You obviously expected this one 😂. Spottedleaf is such an amazing and well developed character. She is so sweet and kind so I love her very much.

8: Firestar
This doesn’t need any explaining.

7: Whitestorm
Whitestorm is an amazing character! He’s more of the most recognizable Warriors through The Prophecies Begin. It was so sad when he died. He was there with us through it all, from Bluestar going mad to Tigerstar’s death, and served a purpose.

6: Silverstream
She was so sweet, and her and Graystripe’s love story is my favorite so far. She was beautiful, and didn’t deserve her death.

5: Scourge
*dodges tables and chairs*. LISTEN! Scourge is one of those characters where you absolutely HATE them, but you can’t help liking their character. I hate Scourge, yes I do. But he is a interesting villain so that’s why I don’t completely hate him.

4: Cinderpelt
She is a amazing example. She teaches you to dance in the rain. She got crippled, but that didn’t bring her down. She became a medicine cat, and helped her clan. She helped many cats. She was an amazing developed character, and like Silverstream, she didn’t deserve her drastic death. But I am really happy that she got reincarnated as Cinderpaw!

3: Crookedstar
Like Tallstar, I don’t really know why I like Crookedstar so much. Again, like Tallstar, maybe it’s that he was calm and cool. He was a much better leader than Leapordstar.

2: Brightheart
She had a very sad life. First her friend died, then she lost her eye, then she got a wretched new name: Lostface (THANK STARCLAN THAT IT WAS CHANGED!). Even so, she remained sweet and kind. By the way, Brightheart, you are still beautiful 🙂.

1: Bluestar
She was an amazing leader, and yes, I have seen some spoilers so I know about her tragic backstory. She did so much for her clan. She was very kind and well developed. Again, she did not deserve her death.

I hope you enjoyed my top favorite warrior cats! Have a good day, and bye!

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