Analysing Ashfur by Widowpelt

Widowpelt writes an analysis about Ashfur.

Hey blogclan! I’m here to make an analysis article about ashfur (even though I suck at these but eh) who is one of my favourite characters in the Warriors franchise.
Ashfur is born to Whitestorm and Brindleface, and his siblings are Ferncloud, Tulipkit and Elderkit. Ashfur is seen as a nice loving kit, apprentice, and young warrior. But, in the Power of three: Long Shadows, he attempts to murder/drive out Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Squirrelflight, but gets killed by Hollyleaf. As a young kit, his littermates, Tulipkit and Elderkit, barely survive two books. His mother fosters Cloudkit in the nursery, but he eventually gets taken away by twolegs. Ferncloud isn’t much help either with Dustpelt. Brindleface and Whitestorm die before he becomes a warrior, so he loses everyone around him. The only person in his life he really loves is Squirrelflight. They have a little relationship but she turns him down for Brambleclaw. Ashfur is absolutely devastated because he has no love or affection shown for him. If you weren’t shown love or affection would you go crazy? Probably! So he tries to murder the three, but fails, and decides to reveal their secret at the gathering, which is an appropriate reaction. But then Hollyleaf kills him and reveals it at the gathering. Yellowfang accepts him into starclan because he loved too much and I totally agree with her. He didn’t have anyone who loved him on earth, well anyone who showed it and he loved Squirrelflight too much. This gives him so much uniqueness and lots more character than piles of sawdust like Hollyleaf. People should stop judging him because Squirrelflight rejected him and focus on why he did the things he did.

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  • Great article! I like Ashfur’s character because even though what he did was wrong, he had motivation, and a lot of the villains in Warrors just wanted to be leader.

    • Squirrelflight has no reason to be hated, Shadowpaw. It’s her life, she decides what to do with it. Ashfur can’t force her to be his mate, he just has to accept that she loves him as a friend, not a mate, and go with it. There are plenty of other she cats in the clan. Thrushpelt didn’t go all murder crazy when Bluestar said she didn’t love him as a mate, he calmly accepted and promised to keep her secret. THAT is why I hate Ashfur, not Squirrelflight.

  • Ashfur didn’t “love Squirrelflight too much”. I fact, I don’t think he loved her at all. If anything, he hated her.

    “‘My quarrel is with you, Squirrelflight.’ Ashfur’s voice shook with rage. ‘It always has been.’ – Long Shadows page 273

    “This is the only way to make you feel the same pain that you caused me. You tore my heart out when you chose Brambleclaw over me. Anything I did to you would never hurt as much. But your kits . . .If you watch them die, then you’ll know the pain I felt.” – Long Shadows page 275

    Ashfur did all these things out of rage, because his “quarrel” with her consumed him to the point where he threw out all morals. He tried to kill four innocent cats just to make her life miserable, when all she did was friend-zone her. I realize he went through a lot, but attempted murder of innocent cats is never okay, and it is certainly not something you do out of love. All Ashfur had for Squirrelflight was an obsession that melted into hatred as soon as he realized that she couldn’t be his.

    • I think Ashfur might’ve been mentally unstable, especially since he lived through having his old home ripped apart and all the Tigerstar and BloodClan stuff…. Mapleshade was mentally unstable too, I think…

      • He probably was to have overreacted like that, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is still a murderer, and thus, his actions are inexcusable.

      • Ashfur wasn’t the only cat who went through BloodClan, their home being destroyed, and Tigerstar. Black star didn’t become mentally unstable after BloodClan.
        Fire star didn’t become mentally unstable after Tigerstar, and all cats in all the clans definitely didn’t go mad after witnessing their home being destroyed.
        I personally don’t understand how ashfur could have “loved Squirrelflight too much”, I thinks that’s ridiculous. Tbh I have no opinion of him.

    • Because Mapleshade’s reasons for what she did were more justifiable than Ashfur’s (but not totally justifiable. All of the cats she killed were at least somewhat complicit in either the death of her kits, or her suffering in some regard, and she killed with the intention of avenging her dead kits. All of the cats Ashfur tried to kill didn’t do anything wrong to Ashfur, and his intention was to kill innocent cats to punish a she-cat for making a choice about who she wanted to be mates with that he didn’t approve of. 😛

    • Attempted murder is just as bad as murder. The fact that he didn’t succeed in killing, doesn’t make the fact that he tried to and was willing to kill any less wrong.

  • Guys, Ashfur never LOVED Squirrelflight in the sense of true love. He was rather obsessed.
    After she chose who she loved, he went ballistic and crazy and tried to kill a bunch of cats who Squirrelflight loved just because she didn’t choose him.
    You call that love? If you truly loved her, you would have wanted her to be happy, Ashfur dear.
    Ashfur was obsessed, a kind of obsession that fades to anger and hate just because the cat did something you didn’t like.
    Hollyleaf is not sawdust. She saw right through Ashfur’s ‘I love you Squirrelflight and since you don’t love me I must tear your heart open too!’ act and decided to make him pay.
    Lots of cats who lost their family didn’t go ballistic. A few cats who never got loved back stayed calm(Thrushpelt, etc.) BECAUSE THEY TRULY WANTED THEM TO BE HAPPY. THE CATS WHO STAYED CALM TRULY LOVED.

    • I love how I can find, on every Ashfur defense page, this big long beautiful argument by Sky, Jetclaw or Jayfrost 😛 Your rants and disagreements on Ashfur’s character are rays of light in a dark cavern *dodges flying keyboards and chairs from Ashfur lovers*