Tigerheart or Bumblestripe? by Leopardbreeze

In which Leopardbreeze asks a dangerous question…

I would like to warn ou that there are spoilers in this article, read at your own risk.
Many people do not like Dovewing for her “lack of personality” compared to her sister Ivypool. They call her a cheater -which is technically true- but I personally disagree. Like her sister, Dovewing just wants to be a good warrior for her clan, and maybe find a little love. Though she is faced with a very difficult choice: Tigerheart or Bumblestripe?

Dovewing first chooses Tigerheart but then goes to Bumblestripe. But then recently she has been shown to like Tigerheart a bit better. They frequently ask about each other to fellow patrols and greet each other friendly. In Bramblestars storm Bumblestripe comments on how good a mother Dovewing will be and she is quick to reply that there is plenty of time. Also in Bramblestar’s storm, when she is on the patrol with Bramblestar, Thornclaw and Greystripe she asks a Shadowclan patrol if every cat in their clan is alive, obviously thinking about Tigerheart.

Another example to show that Tigerheart and Dove still love each other would be in A vision of shadows book two: Thunder and Shadows. When Tigerheart (the newly named deputy of Shadowclan) is staying Thunderclan with his few clan mates, and is watching Dovewing and Bumblestripe talking with narrowed eyes. It says that Dovewing was deep in coversation, and if you ask me this was act to make Tigerheart jealous.

Bumblestripe is a kind tom and generally light hearted. Though he cares about Dovewing as more then just a friend, I do not think that Dovewing has the same feelings for him. I think that she likes him moor as a friend then a mate at the moment. In my opinion DovexBumble is Bluestar and Thrushpelt all over again.

Tigerheart is a slightly ambitious, brave tom that stole Dovewings heart. Though he can be snarky to cats outside fo his own clan, he has always had a soft spot for Dovewing. He has been shown to ask Ivypool about Dovewing a lot especially after there little fight. Dovewing tells Tigerheart about Jayfeathers herb patch and Tigerheart tells his own clan about it. Then shadowclan keeps Ivypool hostage, threatening to keep her unless Thunderclan gave them cat-mint. Dovewing gets mad at Tigerheart about this and he retorts that “he must put his clan first.” Dovewing then asks “even above me?” and Tigerheart replies “thats not what I meant” but she cuts him off saying “I think that is exactly what you meant”..

In Thunder and Shadow Ivypool confesses her worries about Dovewing and Tigerheart Twigpaw, telling him about how Dovewing used to meet him at night. Twigpaw is shocked that she would betray her clan like that.

Dovewing and Bumblestripe are currently together, though I do not think it will stay like that. To be honest, I think that their relationship will not work out. I personally ship DovexTiger and would love to see them together. But hey, thats just my opinion! Who do you ship? Comment down bellow, I would love feed back. Also, tell me how I did, considering this is my first post. Thanks for reading!

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