Why Do Almost All Fanfics Feature A Prophecy? by Jaypaw

Why prophecies, asks Jaypaw.

Today Jaypaw tackles the question, Why do all fanfictions include a prophecy?
Prophecies are a major part of most fanfictions you read. Sometimes they’re easy to figure out. Sometimes you’re like WHAT BE YOU SAYING STARCLAN! But prophecies are almost always important.

I think this is because of how important prophecies are in the books themselves. Each series has a prophecy of its own, sometimes two or three. (Usually they fit in the second category.) This seems almost an essential element to a Warriors story, and the prospect of making up your own is what makes Warriors so perfect for fanfics.

Prophecies add tension, and mean something bad will happen, which, well not too good for the cats, is a great plot element! You can create tension around something else, but it’s hard unless something very major happens. A fanfic about cats chasing mice for twenty chapters is boring.

Also, when you create characters you get pretty attached to them. It’s tempting to give them a prophecy all about themselves, especially if if it’s about special powers or saving the clan.

Prophecies add mystery to the story as well. Everyone loves speculating about who the prophecy is about. If you figure it out before the hero, you feel on top of the world. Even otherwise you think, ‘I’ll get it next time!’

Jaypaw out!

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  • Huh, that is true 😛 I do see a lot of fanfics with prophecies in them XD It’s kinda like how KH fanfics with OCs almost always feature the OC being a keyblade wielder 😛 This is why I not coolly strode out and is writing a KH fanfic where my OCs aren’t keyblade wielders just to show some originality and wow is this getting long. Still here? Love you <3 now bye bye gotta get to the next comment.

  • I agree with a lot of that. I have those fanfictions that are being written and rewritten inside my head every day of my life, but I’m FAR too attached to those characters to let bad things happen to them, give them realistic flaws, or anything other than give them a perfect life… that’s why my over-100 000-word-fanfiction has the plot that I came up with in an afternoon, and thought, what the heck, seems like a good idea. And lo and behold, here we are. 106 k and some change.
    I do think that a fanfiction can be good without a prophecy, though. On top of that, prophecies are PHENOMENALLY hard to write well. Usually they end up being FAR too obvious (Ex. As the darkness grows, the sun’s mist will be the Clans’ only hope for survival ((Which, as the fanfiction will progress, will mean that Sunmist will save the Clans from ShadowClan’s evil leader.) or prophecies are far too vague (Ex. The sun will set and the lightest of pads will save the sleeping goose ((??? Unless you maybe have a character named Lightpad, but that’s still a STUPID name, and the part about geese DOESN’T make ANY sense at all.)) ) OR, and this is usually worst of all, the author thinks to his or herself, ‘I’m going to write a great fanfiction, I’m going to have an awesome and relatable character, and they’re going to save the Clans from danger!’ but said author DOESN’T EVEN BOTHER TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THIS DANGER IS GOING TO BE. This is a pet peeve of mine. Especially when it comes to prophecies! I’m sitting here, staring at my screen, thinking ‘It’s been forty chapters, and the danger that was clearly mentioned in the prophecy hasn’t even been hinted at. What’s going on? Is this prophecy ever going to resolve itself? What is the meaning of life?’
    So… rant over, I guess.
    Bottom line, good article 😛

  • The only bad things about people adding prophecies into their fanfictions is in the following:
    -Most of the time it is introduced too early. It makes every living moment about the prophecy, which isn’t always fun to read the same tension levels throughout the entire book.
    -Prophecies only seem to focus on bad things, or that a cat is destined to be leader or medicine cat. What’s with that?
    -They’re everywhere. I am personally writing a fanfiction, but I’m trying to keep prophecies out of it. It seems that, in fanfictions, all cats have to have a prophecy to become leader. I don’t want that. I want character development to be there- I don’t want words to throw the cats off course, if anyone understands me. I just feel like they should journey on their own, without StarClan knowing their fate.
    -Only so many original ones can be made. From what I’ve gathered, there’s pretty much five types of prophecies:
    **Cat is destined to become some rank.
    **Cat is to die at some point (and knows how/when).
    **Cat is destined to be strong and must fight against evil (whether it be mental or physical).
    **Cat is destined to fix/separate/mend/bring together the Clans.
    **Cat’s kin (kits, parents, siblings) will be either great or dangerous.
    I’ve even sat and thought of prophecies, and they don’t seem to stray from these basics. I’m not saying “Wow how can’t people make original prophecies gosh they’re so dumb for that” because even I can’t do that well, but I think prophecies are overused /because/ there’s only a few ways it could go. I’m sure the Erins could easily think some prophecy that differs from these core five types, but not too many fanfic writers, that I’ve seen (on Wattpad).
    I mainly think they’re overused. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t care for OoTS, and that was StarClan orientated, I personally like the first arc best, when things were much more… formal. StarClan only talked with leaders (occasionally) and medicine cats. Breaking the Warrior Code was much more harsh. They went through hard times and didn’t depend on the other Clans. I don’t exactly know why it is that I like the first arc so much, or their formal ways, but I do.
    This was tough for me to explain, XD. Sorry if I lost you.
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