Warriors theory: Jay’s wing has two reincarnations!? by Prowlclaw

Prowlclaw has a theory about Jay’s Wing…

Hello Blogclan! Its Prowlclaw here with my first post!
And today I have a far fetched theory that may be as crazy as Ashfur and Whitewing being secret mates.
So as you may know by the title, I have been led to believe that Jay’s wing may have had TWO reincarnations. Now, bear with me as I explain this carefully, and it just might make sense. So, one day I happened to notice that Jayfeather and Feathertail looked awfully alike. For some odd reason, this intrigued me into doing some research with my sister, Lillypool. And what I found was quite intriguing. Feathertail is Jayfeather’s cousin, related through Graystripe. And what I also found is her heritage with the tribes is quite strong. Her brother’s kits have a tribe mother, making them half tribe and half clan blood. Speaking of blood, I have noted that Jayfeather, Jay’s wing, and Feathertail only share minor differences in appearance, like all reincarnations do. Another thing I wanted to note, is that just because Jay’s wing was a boy, does not mean it has effect on their day to day life, other than visions or prophecies, as seen with Cinderpelt and Cinderheart when Cinderpelt is sweet while Cinderheart was a drama queen. Also, the Erins confirmed that the reincarnated cat’s souls are different from the cat who was intertwined with that soul. Still with me? Good. That top part was only proof that I came up with. So if you haven’t got what I was indicating yet, just to sum up the proof, I believe that Jay’s wing first reincarnation was feathertail. Here is how I think it happened in the story.
Jay’s wing first reincarnation is feathertail, who looked very much like him. I believe Jay’s wing wanted to first repay the tribe and guided the cats to the mountains sot that he could return the tribe of rushing water to see his old home. Though, when he learns that starclan has sent them a prophecy about feathertail, he decides that starclan is aiding him on his mission to help the tribe. When feathertail had to make the decision to jump, I believe Jay’s wing had made her realize that she was the cat in the prophecy so that the clan cats and tribe cats could benefit from killing the sharp tooth. This also helps Jay’s wing transition into Jayfeather’s life, Where Feathertail’s spirit comes to Squirrelfight to convince her to take on Leafpool’s kits, telling her she was never meant to fall in love with crowfeather and have kits because it wasn’t her destiny. Which can be translated into “Starclan had different plans for me.” This would fill the gap to why Crowfeather and Feathertail never had kits. It was because she had a greater destiny planned for her. One greater than having a mate and kits. That would conclude why I think Jay’s wing has two reincarnations.

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  • I think that’s a great theory! Though I don’t understand why they would make Jayfeather blind. Oh, I just remembered something. Leafpool named Jayfeather Jaykit after the way his pelt stood out against the snow, right? She described it as a “Jay’s Wing”. Am I on to something?

  • Feathertail has been seen in StarClan though. It’s already been stated that once a cat goes to StarClan, they can’t be reincarnated. And besides, she was also seen in StarClan in OotS. To be reincarnated literally means to be reborn, so if Feathertail was reincarnated and thus the same cat as Jayfeather, she wouldn’t even be in the afterlife.

  • Interesting. And Jayfeather was named after his jay-feather blue eyes. And Whitewing and Ashfur were never mates. It doesn’t even exist. Why would Ashfur go all insane then if he already found a new love?

  • But Feathertail didn’t have a connection with the tribe until after she died, because only after did she die, Stormfur had kits with Brook.

  • I don’t really get how Feathertail and Jayfeather are related. Both feathertail and Stormfur didn’t have a mate or kits with Firestar’s familie. So, you said they shared blood but how?